FSC No. 23 (exemption)


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Golden series KFS with channels SPACE THEURGY MAYA

According to Koltsov S. The. for the full preservation or restoration of health, it is imperative to cleanse your own consciousness and subconsciousness. It is unrealistic to do this by the existing generally accepted methods.

A new series of Golden FSCs with channels “SPACE THEURGY MAYA” will allow people to independently get rid of negative attachments and zombie programs, eliminate destructive ties with the dead, get rid of astral entities, restore the harmonious action of their own energy centers and subtle bodies, master social adaptation and much more to solve vital tasks.

Mayan channels, registered on the KFS of the golden series:

  • 5-10 times more powerful than classical cosmoenergy channels.
  • Reasonably adjust to the person and find the problem themselves.
  • They deeply slag the subconscious.

Cosmic Theurgy “Maya” is a different healing methodology and other opportunities for spiritual development and perfection. These are higher 4th level channels.

Theurgy (Greek) is a magical art or (according to Berdyaev) creative action together with God.

Correctors of the Functional State of the Golden Series:

  • They are effectively combined with all FSCs of other series.
  • They work only in the hands of a specific person, directing their action towards him.
  • They start up on their own after direct contact with a person.
  • The launch time is determined individually in accordance with the principle “Do no harm”.

To obtain a full-fledged result from the use of the gold series FSC, it is necessary not only to restore harmony of body, soul and spirit, but also to harmonize the consciousness with the subconscious and the higher “I”, which is facilitated by the FSC of the previous series – blue, green, lilac.

The KFS of the golden series combines the channels of classical cosmoenergy and the Maya channels; there is the KFS only with the Maya channels. Cosmoenergy is the background that guides and intensifies the action of the Maya channels. Thanks to the classics, the dosage of exposure is provided for ease of use and adjustment.

All FSCs of the golden series are adjusted to each specific person: it is enough to hold the FSC in your hands several times, the channels will turn on either immediately or after a certain period of time, depending on the individual settings of the person – after a few hours or in a day. When exactly, the FSC determines independently.

Koltsov’s KFS devices of the golden series are used, as well as KFS of other series – structuring of water for drinking, shower, bath and pumping, including by the principle of coordination.

Purpose of FSC No. 23 “Liberation”

Designed to destroy negative energy attachments. When people communicate in society, an information connection arises between them arbitrarily, which is carried out using so-called bindings. What is binding? This can be imagined as a cord consisting of subtle matter through which energy and information is transmitted. For example, it can be compared to two computers connected to a network, when information is sent to computers through a network wire by means of electrical impulses.

When two people meet, energy impulses invisible to the normal eye are formed between them. Usually they go from the energy centers (chakras) of one person to the energy centers of the interlocutor. The peculiarity of the formation of bindings depends on the attitude towards the person with whom you communicate. For example, if two people love each other, then they will have powerful attachments from two energy centers: the sex chakra (svadhisthana) and the heart (anahata). If people communicate exclusively on business, then bindings arise in the region of the 3rd eye (ajna chakra), on the throat chakra (vishudha) and in the solar plexus region. The more attentive the interlocutors are to each other, the clearer their bindings will be – luminous channels. The less attentive, the more shapeless the channels will be and may consist of several weak threads. It is very important to understand that when communicating with another person, one should not allow negative thoughts and wishes for harm to him. If your computer hangs, you do not hammer it with a hammer, taking revenge for what he did so wrong. So here too – your interlocutor is the same unique and fragile apparatus with which it is simply impossible to communicate rudely. These words can cause a lot of objections. Sometimes rudeness is simply impossible. And it will be right. Imagine an intelligent person walking past some construction site, where workers use the “native Russian” language. From the side of this person, this moment will be unacceptable, although the builders, using such vocabulary, do not see anything negative in this. They have this process of work in which they always keep inner peace. When communicating, it is very important to monitor your inner and emotional state.

For example, heart attacks just happen due to the fact that a negative impact breaks through the heart, vital chakra. That is why people suffering from such a disease are protected from all the excitement and negativity towards them. A special type of negative energy bindings are vampiric bindings. This is such a durable fine-material structure that it can greatly spoil human health, “squeezing all the juices out of it.”

The fact is that this type of attachment is formed due to the mental desire to receive some kind of mutual response from a person. Most often, such vampiric structures are found in cases of non-reciprocal love. When this love is not from the heart, but is only a consequence of physical attraction, then a vampiric attachment can form at the level of the sex chakras (muladhara and svadhisthana).

Envy is also a forming factor in vampiric attachment. For example, if a person long and stubbornly envies another about: “why he knows so much and can, but I do not.” And it does not give this envy a negative coloring, then an attachment can form on the upper chakras – ajna chakra (3rd eye) and vishudha chakra (throat). A vampiric attachment can be formed due to a strong longing for a person, when the “author” of this attachment cannot imagine his life without another person. In this case, similar to unrequited love, a vampiric attachment arises at the heart chakra (anahata).

There is another concept – samovampirism. This reaction is formed to dissatisfaction with oneself, to lack of self-love. This negative effect affects the tone of the body, greatly weakens the aura and can even pierce it, creating a hole in it through which energy will flow. In this case, you should take measures to revise your attitude towards yourself, do something pleasant for yourself, somehow rejoice. When the vampiric attachment is formed, the person from whom the energy is being sucked will feel some itching in the solar plexus area if the attachment is there. If the vampiric cord is attached to the brow chakra (3rd eye), then headaches and a feeling of heaviness on the head are possible.

In all cases of the formation of vampiric attachments, the “victim” feels exhausted, there comes a state of sadness, dissatisfaction with himself, and a lack of joy in life. This is a very dangerous condition, because if you do not take the necessary measures to eliminate the negative attachment, you can fall into deep depression and severely damage your mental and, as a result, physical health. The effects of vampiric attachments also have a detrimental effect on those around them. In families with family members of vampiric influence on others, such family dramas as leaving the house of family members, unrestrained drunkenness often occur, that is, in this way, people sometimes try to resist these influences. On the contrary, the “author” of a vampiric attachment feels an extraordinary surge of strength, especially when the interlocutor is nearby. He tries in every possible way to speed up meetings and shows an extremely assertive initiative. Anyone can become a carrier of vampiric bindings. Whether it is an ordinary person or a spiritually advanced person. However, in the latter case, there is a threat to the author of the binding. After all, it is known that all negative effects tend to return to the one who caused this negative impact several times stronger.