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Introducing AvoLean, a Breakthrough New Avocado-Based Supplement. AvoLean Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight by Boosting Metabolism, Naturally.

What is AvoLean?

AvoLean is a 100% natural supplement containing Avocatin B, or AvoB for short.

AvoB is the powerful bioactive (active ingredient) found in avocados that supports healthy weight management, a healthy metabolism, and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels.

Dr. Paul Spagnuolo’s New, Ground-Breaking Research Found that AvoB can Actually Support a Healthy Metabolism.

A healthy metabolism is essential for the body to turn food into fuel efficiently, which in turn is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. When metabolism is not working optimally, it does not convert food into energy efficiently. This can result in the food being stored as fat.

AvoLean is a Breakthrough, New Avocado-Based Supplement Designed to Deliver the Optimal Daily Amount of Avocatin B in a 100% Natural Formula that Our Bodies can Actually Absorb.

AvoLean contains 5g avocado and 100 mcg elemental chromium in each serving.

On top of getting the required daily amount of AvoB to boost metabolism, AvoLean is also rich in healthy fats, fibre and all the essential nutrients from avocados: vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, potassium, vitamins B & B6, and vitamin E.

By taking AvoLean, you get the daily amount of AvoB needed to support a healthy metabolism PLUS other essential healthy fats, fibre and nutrients found in avocados.

How Does AvoLean Work? How Does it Support a Healthy Metabolism?

AvoLean supports a healthy metabolism by helping cells burn sugar. One way a person’s metabolism can become unhealthy is from eating a high-fat diet. When this happens, the cells burn energy from fat but not from glucose (sugar). This imbalance leads the sugar to be stored in the body as fat.

Dr. Spagnuolo and his team’s studies suggest AvoB may boost metabolism so glucose and fat are being burned at the appropriate rates.[1]

A healthy metabolism is essential for long-term health. It ensures sugar and fat are burned at the appropriate rates. A person’s metabolism is efficient when sugar and fat are burned at the appropriate rates without a build up of one or the other.

The Problem with Just Eating Avocados

Avocados are a superfood loaded with healthy fats, fiber and many important nutrients like vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, and the AvoB molecule. However, eating avocados may not necessarily deliver the daily amount of AvoB needed to support a healthy metabolism.

Why? The first problem is absorption: our bodies may not be able to fully break down and absorb AvoB when delivered from avocados.

The other major problem is the quantity of AvoB in avocados varies widely from avocado to avocado. Research by Dr. Spagnuolo and his team found some avocados may actually contain very little AvoB.

Most Avocado Powders and All Avocado Oils on the Market Do NOT Contain AvoB

Dr. Spagnuolo’s team of scientists tested just about every avocado powder and oil product they could buy online and in stores, and found that most other products contained very little AvoB. In fact, most products had no AvoB.

This is why AvoLean was designed to deliver the optimal daily amount of AvoB in a 100% natural formula that our bodies can actually absorb.

Dr Paul Spagnuolo Interview from Jamil a Jabri on Vimeo.


Dr Paul Spagnuolo Interview from Jamil a Jabri on Vimeo.

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