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Your Number One Choice for Menopause Symptom Relief!
  • Improve Your Quality of Life: Relief for night sweats*, hot flashes*, and irritability*
  • Calming herbal blend – for a better night of sleep*
  • Bone support*: EaseFemin calcium & high potency vitamin D3*
  • Aglycone Isoflavones: Scientific studies support the superior absorption of aglycone isoflavones as compared to common isoflavones normally found in the majority of menopausal supplements and over the counter products
  • May increase longevity*. Contains NaturaNectar’s FLAV-R (red propolis flavonoids) with a stunning Total ORAC of 3,540 μmol TE/g. ORAC, the highest score when compared to all foods on the USDA Database for ORAC. Fights free radicals!
  • Estrogen-free supplement with natural ingredients 
  • Contains a 1-month supply with 30 clear vegetable capsules, no fillers, safe, natural ingredients
  • Daily dosage is only one capsule a day!
The Science of Aglycone Isoflavones to Better Support Relief of Menopausal and Perimenopausal Symptoms

EaseFemin is the first and only menopausal natural supplement with a new source of aglycone isoflavones: FLAV-R from the exotic Brazilian Red Propolis.

EaseFemin combines these special isoflavones from both FLAV-R and not genetically-engineered high quality fermented soy.

Isoflavones are natural compounds that although not hormones and completely estrogen free, they mimic the role of these hormones at the body’s cell receptors.

AGLYCONE isoflavones – like the ones used in EaseFemin – are absorbed faster and more efficiently(†) than regular glucoside isoflavones present in most of the lower quality menopause supplements.

When biding to the cell receptors, these special isoflavones can help you by reducing the inconvenience and pain from the menopausal symptoms.

(†) Izumi T, Piskula MK, Osawa S, Obata A, Tobe K, Saito M, Kataoka S, Kubota Y, Kikuchi M. Soy Isoflavone Aglycones Are Absorbed Faster and in Higher Amounts than their Glucosides in Humans. The Journal of Nutrition (2000) 30(7):1695-9.

Synergistic Calming Herbal Blend 

EaseFemin Menopausal Support is a complete formula that also includes a Proprietary Calming Herbal Blend.  Given that mood swings and irritability are very common during menopause, EaseFemin added a proprietary calming herbal blend including valerian root, chamomile and passion flower. These herbs have been traditionally used for centuries not only for their calming effect, but for the observed synergistic effect on menopausal symptoms.

Bone Support Right When You Need It 

To wrap up EaseFemin’s exclusive formula, you get HIGH POTENCY Vitamin D3* + Calcium in every daily dosage for bone support.* You MUST try it!

Only One Capsule a Day for Most Women!  

Take 1 (one) capsule a day after your nightly meal. For best results, use it every day. It can take a few weeks before improvements are noticed and after that you will love EaseFemin!