FSC “Amaranth”


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Exclusive FSCs with the 5th element are proofreaders that, in terms of their functionality, are not included in any of the series. Exclusive proofreaders surpass the proofreaders of the series: blue , green , lilac , gold in the variety of functions and applications presented (from helping the growth of plants of the Flora and Fauna FSC to disbanding cataclysms on the vast territory of the Anti-Cataclysm FSC).

Koltsov S.V. about FSC “Amaranth”

Now, as far as the FSCs related to amaranth oil are concerned, I think everyone has already read and can imagine what it is, and here’s the most interesting thing when a comment was written to be posted on the site, in the FSC “Longevity”, well it simply dropped out of consciousness that the polarization of Amaranth oil was added there as the main gerontological theme. It so happened that apparently the time has come, the law of paired cases began to work. In addition to the topic related to amaranth oil, there is also a CFS on the way, which was prescribed with the organic preparation “Epidermis Growth Factor”. This thing was discovered in the 62nd year, and we learned to do it for 40 years, these are short protein compounds that work as a “launcher” for activating our own stem cells, we have these cells in almost all cellular structures, not only in the skin – in the epidermis. Well, it took 40 years, but it was only in the early 2000s that they learned how to do it, and it costs a lot of money, and, in general, it is beyond the means of a normal person to use it. But after rewriting this polarization on a solid carrier, simply using the same baby cream or an ordinary ode, at the field level it is obliged to work as a “launcher”, this has already been proven for decades, starting with the works of Kaznacheev and Mikhailov, and not only them…