FSC “Black Mountain”


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Exclusive FSCs with the 5th element are proofreaders that, in terms of their functionality, are not included in any of the series. Exclusive proofreaders surpass the proofreaders of the series: blue , green , lilac , gold in the variety of functions and applications presented (from helping the growth of plants of the Flora and Fauna FSC to disbanding cataclysms on the vast territory of the Anti-Cataclysm FSC).

Application of FSC “Black Mountain”

  • Helps improve overall energy levels.
  • Helps awaken the true masculine consciousness “I am a man”.
  • Helps the psychological maturation and transformation of a boy into a man even in adulthood.
  • Eliminates psychological complexes and barriers associated with setting and achieving goals.
  • Harmonizes the sexual sphere, male energy.
  • Helps to find and realize their purpose in life.
  • Contributes to the harmonization of different spheres of life: business, personal space, hobbies, etc.
  • Promotes the realization of desires.
What is written on the FSC “Black Mountain” B

lack Mountain – the most famous mountain in the Gobi Desert, is located in the East Gobi aimag of Mongolia, at an altitude of 1031.9 m above sea level, 23 kilometers northwest of the Khamarin Khid monastery. The real name of the Black Mountain, as well as its master spirit – the Rich Heart, Bayanzurkh – is associated with its special ability to fulfill the desires of those who came to bow to it. Hence her other epithet – Wish-granting jewel. The Mongols have ancient traditions of worshiping and sacrificing mountains, they trust them and their wishes. The lamas gather only during the sacrifice to the mountains, clean up and read prayers. This “place of power” is a place of pilgrimage for people from all over the world! Visiting this unique corner of the planet is like touching the boundless, omnipotent, endless energy of the Universe.

Every day hundreds of men, including small children, climb to the top of Mount Bayanzurkh – Black Mountain, “Mountain of Wishes”, and the trail is a continuous dump, which is simply dangerous to walk on! There they write down their desires on paper and then burn it. Apparently, to have the opportunity to think carefully about their desires. Women are not allowed on the mountain, they pray and make wishes at the foot of Bayanzurkh.