FSC Bracelet “MAGNAT”


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Helps to achieve success in various areas of life, increases the level of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual energy

Tycoon translated from Latin means “big man”, that is, an outstanding, noble leader. If you strive to reach heights in business and in life, to become a fulfilled and influential person, to increase your well-being, while you prefer to act, to control your destiny, you need a smart and loyal companion. Personal and professional growth, training and development are essential factors for becoming a Leader in order to create a strong team. Search and attraction of new Partners, negotiations, conclusion of contracts – these are the stages of building a successful business. And in this process you can find a faithful assistant – the MAGNAT FSC bracelet.

Topics on FSC-bracelet “MAGNAT”

On the FSC-bracelet “MAGNAT” the themes of the following FSCs are recorded : “SUCCESS” , “FORTUNA” , “GOLDEN SAND” , “ZDRAVA” .

The action of the FSC bracelet “MAGNAT”:
  • Contributes to the improvement of the state of affairs in business, creates energy and information protection for business processes.
  • Increases the level of financial well-being, attracts the energy of material and spiritual wealth.
  • It activates the internal potential to achieve the set goals, promotes the realization of desires and intentions.
  • Increases the ability to learn and assimilate information.
  • Promotes the development of intuition, the realization of creative potential.
  • Helps to harmonize the work of the cerebral hemispheres.
  • It increases the strength of the spirit, helps to harmonize the emotional state, relieve psycho-emotional stress.
  • Promotes correction of headaches of various origins, restoration of cerebral circulation, normalization of intracranial pressure, restoration of the vestibular apparatus, relief of dizziness attacks
  • Has a general healing and rejuvenating effect on the body.

FSC-bracelet “MAGNAT” will help you turn the changeable wheel of Fortune into a reliable steering wheel of your ship! After all, only the strong conquer not only the seas, but also the tops of business.