FSC “Clean look”


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Polarization of the CFS “Pure view”

The following polarizations are recorded on the Koltsov’s KFS plate “Pure Look”:

  • polarization of rivers and springs from the foot of Mount Belukha: the Kukuya River, the Svyatoy Klyuch, the Golden Key, the Ursul River, the Koksa River;
  • Polarization of streams in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye, which since ancient times contributed to the acceleration of working off of generic problems: the Alchiman stream (guarding), the Kulerge stream (blue).
  • Polarization of water from the upper reaches of the Bashkaus, Katun rivers (“Kadyn”, translated in English means “Lady” or “Mistress”);
  • Polarization of the spring from the Buddhist datsan Alkhanay in the foothills of the eastern Sayan Mountains (people with various eye diseases have long been drawn to this spring);
  • Polarization of water from the Glaznoy stream in the Alanhai Nature Reserve;
  • Polarization of the harmonizing dolmen near the village of Pshada (near the town of Gelendzhik in the foothills of the North Caucasus);
  • Polarization of the Ayurvedic preparation “Makaraja Swati” (to accelerate cell regeneration);
  • Polarization of water from Logoisk springs (Belarus); cosmoenergy channel “Golden Pyramid” (to ensure information protection of the FSC).
Indications for the use of FSC “Clean look”

This corrector is indicated for various eye diseases, it records the polarization of water from the Glaznoy stream in the Alanhai Nature Reserve. Alanhai is an ancient volcano in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains, at its foot there are many healing springs, it is a famous balneological hospital.

Application of FSC “Clean look”

The water structured on the FSC “Clean Look” plate can be used as eye drops, instill 1-2 drops in both eyes 5-6 times a day, you can use this water for washing, apply contact to the eyes.