FSC “Danilovo Lake”


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Collectible FSCs with the 5th element are issued once in a short period of the promotion. Collectible proofreaders have a strictly defined spectrum of action, as a rule, aimed at a specific organ or organ system, which is fundamentally different from CFS of other series: blue , green , lilac , gold and other CFS .

Application, history, what is written on the FSC “Danilovo Lake”

In the early sixties of the last century, a secret expedition of Novosibirsk scientists worked on the lake. And only more than thirty years later, one of the participants in this expedition, a doctor of medical sciences, blurted out: “If people knew the true healing power of the water of Lake Danilovo, they would have scooped it out to the bottom along with the mud.”

  • Interestingly, the “mud” – blue clay – also proved to be healing there! Thanks to this miracle clay, General Yakovlev V.L. got rid of a very serious spinal disease. The “luminaries” of medicine could not help, but the blue clay … healed.Danilovskaya water, according to the testimony of the former first secretary of the Omsk regional party committee Sergei Iosifovich Manyakin, was transported first to Kosygin, and then to Brezhnev. It was he who told me that the “secret” stamp was imposed on the report of the Novosibirsk scientists.
  • Danilovo Lake is located in the Kyshtovsky district of the Novosibirsk region on the border with the Omsk region (47 km. From the Muromtsevo regional center). The lake is 800 meters long, 450–500 meters wide, and the maximum depth is 16–17 meters. The lake is distinguished by very clean, transparent water, which, according to research, has a high biological activity and has medicinal properties. (We know of cases of getting rid of skin cancer, throat cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer, psoriasis, arthritis and arthrosis and many other difficult to treat diseases with the help of the Danilov Lake water, although the healing properties of water are not fully understood. that it prevents the development of diseases of the body and thus is an excellent prophylactic agent.) Danilovo Lake is a popular tourist destination; there is a recreation area on it.
  • In August 2003, an ecological expedition to study water bodies of the Muromtsevsky region (Tara river, small rivers, lakes, including Lake Danilovo), organized by the Omsk regional branches of the Russian Geographical and Russian Geological Societies, as well as the Federal State Institution “Territorial Fund of Geological Information on Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia in the Omsk Region ”. The expedition was led by the director of the Federal State Institution “TFGI in the Omsk Region”, Scientific Secretary ORO RGO and RosGeo I. A. Vyatkin and Deputy Chairman of ORO RosGeo, Honored Ecologist of the Russian Federation F. I. Novikov. The scientific leader of the expedition is V.N.Rusakov, member of the Presidium of the ORO RGS, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor of OmGAU. During the expedition, hydrological, geomorphological, ecological and geobotanical studies were carried out.
  • The collected water samples were examined in the laboratory of the Omsk State Technical University. It was revealed that silver is contained in water in negligible amounts and does not exceed the usual norms. But on the other hand, a huge amount of free oxygen was found: the water in the lake is constantly changing due to the many underground sources and brings oxygen, this explains the healing properties of Danilov. Free oxygen improves metabolic processes in the body and activates its defense mechanisms.


Interesting about the lake. •

  • From the legends it is clear that three lakes – Danilovo, Lenevo and Urmannoye – are connected by an underground river, the “holy” water in them does not deteriorate for years, moreover, it can heal from many diseases. The bottom at Lake Danilovo is triple! Scuba divers tested this legend. It turned out that there is some truth here. Thick layers of algae are located in the water column in three floors, while each layer is in a suspended state, and the roots of algae take everything they need for life directly from the water. The same divers found out that the drowned people do not reach the bottom, but settle in the water space. These effects in lake water at depth are caused by high salt saturation.
  • Water and mud have medicinal properties. Infusions and decoctions made from Danilovskaya water are very effective, and water rejuvenates the body well. It helps not only to cure skin diseases, but also toothache. Due to the high saturation of water with iodine in lakes Danilovo and Lenevo, it is possible to heal patients with thyroid gland. The healing properties of water were reported to the Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers A. N. Kosygin. In his book “Okunevsky Ark” Muromtsev writer Mikhail Rechkin argues that the lake is energetically connected with a certain underground Temple near the village of Okunevo, located in the Omsk region, and that the healing power of the lake water lies not only in how much it contains certain microelements , but also in the yet inexplicable energy-informational factor.