FSC “Formula of love Yan”


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Exclusive FSCs with the 5th element are proofreaders that, in terms of their functionality, are not included in any of the series. Exclusive proofreaders surpass the proofreaders of the series: blue , green , lilac , gold in the variety of functions and applications presented (from helping the growth of plants of the Flora and Fauna FSC to disbanding cataclysms on the vast territory of the Anti-Cataclysm FSC).

Application of FSC “Formula of love Yang”

A series of cosmoenergy channels has been prescribed for:

  • Harmonization of the inner state, filling with energies of love, goodness and creation, manifestation of universal human qualities – mercy, compassion.
  • Purification, removal of negative unauthorized energy influences;
  • Prevention and termination of quarrels, scandals.
  • Building relationships of friendship, love and mutual understanding, positive emotional attitude.
  • Restoration of the energy background, filling with vitality.
  • Improving the quality of sleep, helping with meditative practices.
Functions of the FSC “FORMULA OF LOVE. YAN “
  • In a healthy man, it increases sexual activity and physical stamina associated with the intimate side of life.
  • Helps to eliminate various causes of erectile dysfunction (both primary and permanent).
  • Promotes correction and elimination of psychological factors leading to impotence, incl. “Businessman’s syndrome” associated with an incredible amount of stress, hard work, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.
  • Restores potency after psychological trauma received by a man at different ages.
  • It liberates the inner state of a man, increases his attractiveness. Restores and protects energy centers (chakras).
  • Promotes the strengthening of mutual understanding, harmonization of relationships with a partner, incl. in the intimate sphere.
  • Helps to attract “soul mate”, strengthen existing relationships. Sexual, intimate sphere is the most important component of an adult’s life. This is a fundamental starting point for building meaningful family relationships. If men and women are relaxed and do not experience difficulties in sex, they exchange and fill each other with energy. A sexually satisfied person strives for harmony in other areas of his life and spends this energy on business, creativity, travel, raising children.

“The functional state corrector (FSC) is a device designed to protect against external aggressive electromagnetic radiation. The FSC manufacturing technology repeats the natural principles of organizing the electromagnetic fields of a living organism at the cellular level. The FSC records figurative, harmonious information that is in the rhythms of the Earth’s magnetic field and external Thus, the main task of the FSC is to synchronize the internal rhythms of the organism with the rhythms of the external field. The information recorded on the FSC makes it possible to effectively counteract psychoenergetic destructive oscillations, and the FSC helps the body to neutralize the negative effects of biopathogenic fields.

Cosmoenergy is a system of knowledge and practices aimed at development, self-improvement, spiritual and physical healing of a person. This is a method of non-verbal (non-verbal) impact on a person. Recuperation occurs due to the effect on a person of special space channels that have a healing effect. The main task of a person’s recovery is to restore harmony in all aspects of his life as an integral open system, i.e. body, soul and spirit of a person, harmony with family, society, with the environment. Such a systematic approach is inherent in such traditional healing systems as Ayurveda, ancient Slavic Vedic knowledge. Cosmoenergy is considered a scientific and practical method, since in the last decade in scientific centers measurements were carried out on the action of cosmoenergy channels on various biosphere objects – water, aqueous solutions, radiation background, as well as higher plants; the statistically confirmed effect of cosmoenergy channels should be recognized as an established fact.”