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FSC “GIFT OF FIRE” to synchronize the internal memory of the body and build powerful energy-informational protection.

Helps to resist the negative influence of external factors of uncertainty and chaotic phenomena of life on the mind, body and energy-information field of a person.

It awakens the body’s internal genetic memory, resonates it with the activity of the central nervous system, synchronizes with the human biofield and includes it in the energy-information bank of the universe, multiplying and equipping it with many new levels of protection.

Aimed at the prevention and correction of various diseases of the respiratory system, especially during epidemics and pandemics.

It is used as an additional means of help and support for unspecified diagnoses, for seriously ill people, with prolonged periods of ailments.

Contributes to the removal and neutralization of any unauthorized energy-information intrusion, created with the aim of negatively affecting human health and energy state.

Helps get rid of energy attachments, clear thoughts and transform them into messages of love and gratitude.

Promotes the building of a powerful individual energy system of the body’s defense.

Helps with complex work with severe conditions of various types of psychological addictions (alcoholism, smoking, overeating, drug addiction, etc.).

Promotes the purification of various spaces and rooms

  • Helps in working with Rod, awakening ancestral memory.

FSC “GIFT OF FIRE” helps to perceive the human body, mind and spirit as an open biological and energy-information system, in inseparable interaction with his environment, expanding the territory of this environment to the whole universe and extending the human body into the experience of millions of years of evolution. With regular work with FSC, the human body turns into a well-oiled, responsive system, and his biofield becomes a powerful energy shield.

Cosmoenergy channels Perun, Ra and Ar in combustion mode are registered at FSC “DAR OF FIRE” .

The time for structuring water at the FSC “GIFT OF FIRE” is about 5 minutes.