FSC “Golden sand”


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Exclusive FSCs with the 5th element are proofreaders that, in terms of their functionality, are not included in any of the series. Exclusive proofreaders surpass the proofreaders of the series: blue , green , lilac , gold in the variety of functions and applications presented (from helping the growth of plants of the Flora and Fauna FSC to disbanding cataclysms on the vast territory of the Anti-Cataclysm FSC).

Application of FSC “Golden Sand”
  • It attracts the energy of wealth, both spiritual and material.
  • Increases the strength of a person’s spirit.
  • Provides physical strength and stamina.
  • Reveals the inner potential, promotes the development of intuition, the realization of creativity.
  • Harmonizes the ratio of the material and spiritual components of a person.
  • Increases the ability to learn, perceive and assimilate information.
  • General healing and rejuvenating effect on the body, harmonizing the work of all systems and organs.
  • Gives a feeling of fullness and joy of life, helps to live all the moments in a state of “here and now”.
What is written on the FSC

“Golden Sand” One of the strongest energy places in Mongolia is Mount Otgontenger – “the youngest son of heaven”, the highest mountain of the Khangai mountain range, which is located in the permafrost zone at an altitude of 4012 m above sea level and is always covered with snow. The sacred name of this mountain is Bogd Ochirvaan (“Mountain of the earthly god”). It is no coincidence that 13 enlightened people were born in these places, with high ranks and dignities of lamas! In the western part of Otgontenger Mountain, at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, sand dunes stretch for about 300 km. The sand of these dunes under the sun’s rays shimmers like gold, hence the name – “golden sand”. People call it magic, healing. It has an amazing effect: it does not dissolve in water, but melts in the mouth. Since 1995, Mount Otgontenger has been recognized as a national shrine and is under state protection.