FSC “Harmony”


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FSC “Harmony” contains the polarization of six water samples from “Arkaim.” power and wealth) taken during the same period of the 2011 summer solstice.

The next four water samples were taken during the 2012 summer solstice.

This is a sample of water made in the center of Gorodishche, on the top of the Happiness mountain, in the center of the small spiral on the Love mountain, and in the center of the large spiral on the Love mountain.

Many themes from one of the most interesting places of power – the ancient settlement of Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region were recorded at the FSC “Harmony”.

In the very middle of the Settlement there is a pyramidal prayer stone, framed by flat stones. It was on this place that the Temple of the Ancient Aryans was located and here the ancient shamans performed their rituals and prayers, so this place is simply saturated with the strongest energy, which is written on the plate of the FSC “Harmony”.

The human aura is fully restored after a visit to Arkaim. There are all the hills of volcanic origin, and on each of them there are so-called “living stones”. And the power of the local radiation, all the unique information was rewritten through water samples.

One of the most important sights of Arkaim is Lysaya Gora (Shamanka, Shamanikha) – the remnant of the once formidable paleovolcano that operated on this place more than 300 million years ago.

The Mountain of Love is marked on the map as Grachinaya Sopka. And if you meet the sunrise on the Mount of Love, then its first rays carry only light, only pure energy, which create joy and love, bring peace and balance. The Mountain of Love, like the Shaman, is an extinct Volcano. A stream of pure energy gushes on it, which is called the energy of Love.

It also features two hand-made spirals. The great spiral of the Mountain of Love is located at a 40-degree slope. Walking through it, you must forgive everyone who offended or abandoned you, and ourselves ask for forgiveness from everyone you remember and whom you cannot remember. Cleanse your heart, make room for new Love. Wearing the FSC “Love” plate on oneself, one must mentally walk along this spiral, forgiving and asking for forgiveness. Then the effect will be as if you yourself walked in a spiral on the mountain of Love.

In addition to the strength of Arkaim, the plate also contains the polarization of water from the healing spring at the foot of the Cheka Mountain.

Unique features of FSC Harmony

Each time you apply the FSC “Harmony” for yourself and your loved ones, you seem to be with them in all these unique places of power, you will feel an improvement in your mental and physical condition, and you will discover new opportunities in yourself. You will begin to look at life with different eyes, seeing more and more positive and bright sides in it.