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Author: Ibn Mirzakarim al-Karnaki

At the mosque itself, at some distance from the Black Stone, there is a sacred spring “Zam Zam”. This source appeared at the time of the prophet Ibrahim. Ever since, by the will of Allah Almighty, an inexhaustible source has spilled into the heart of the desert, Muslims who perform Hajj or Umra have enjoyed his grace at all times. This water washed the heart of the Prophet Muhammad during his night transfer from Mecca to Jerusalem. The Prophet Muhammad, describing the water “Zam-Zam”, said that it is satisfying like food and is a healing from many diseases. Modern science also proves its uniqueness.
At all times, the keepers of the Forbidden Mosque in Mecca have tried to improve the accessibility of Zam Zam water. There used to be a building with an area of ​​about 88.8 square meters above the well. When the territory of the bypass around the Kaaba expanded, it was destroyed between 1381-88. in hijri. The place for drinking water was moved to the basement, under the territory where a detour around the Kaaba is made. This room had separate entrances for men and women, and the well itself was visible through the glass wall. In our time, this entrance does not exist.
After reconstruction, the depth of the well of the Zam Zam spring was 30 meters. It consists of two parts: the upper part is 12.8 meters deep and the lower one, which is dug into the rock to a depth of 17.2 meters. Distance from the edge of the well to the level water 4 meters. The springs from which water flows into the well are located at a depth of 13 meters. As a result of research, it was found that they fill the well at a rate of 11-18.5 liters of water per second.
One of the features of Zam Zam water is that this spring has not dried up since its inception. On the contrary, it gives more and more water, which fully retains its qualitative composition: salts, minerals, metals. This water is suitable for everyone, without exception, and there has never been a case that anyone complained about anything after drinking this water. It was found that its taste does not change when transported to another place. This pure water never changes its chemical composition and biological environment, as happens with water from other sources. In the well “Zam Zam” there is no fungus and other microorganisms that could change its taste and useful properties.
Any water, mixing with “Zam Zam” water, acquires its properties, becomes pure and transparent. This is the result of scientific research carried out using the water from this source and the surrounding waters, which differ in composition.
Water has been flowing into the well for several thousand years. It did not dry out, did not leak, its volume did not decrease. Until now, it remains a mystery where the water comes from in the main spring. During the expansion of the Al-Haram mosque and the installation of a new foundation, huge pumps were used to pump water out of the well, but the volume of water in the well remained unchanged and the water was at the same level.
Engineer Yahya Kushk, who holds a doctorate in geology from the University of Washington in 1971 and who headed the research team in 1400 AH (1980), published the results of their work in Zam Zam. He writes that the main source of water entering the well is in the direction of the Black Stone.
This is a hole in the wall of a well measuring 45×30 cm, from where a huge amount of water flows out. Another large spring is located at a distance of 1 meter from the main source in the direction of “al-maqbariyya” – a building intended for Azan and Ikamat. It is a large 70 cm hole, divided internally into two 30 cm holes. There are also small holes between the stones in the wall of the well, from where the water flows. Five of them are located between the two main holes. There are also 21 more holes next to the main one.

In 1971, a doctor published an article in a European publishing house, in which he wrote that the water “Zam Zam” is not drinkable, basing his assumption on the fact that the Kaaba is below sea level, and the well is in the center of Mecca, and that’s it. the waters of the city are collected in this place. The ruler of Saudi Arabia, King Fay-sal, learned about this article. He was greatly outraged by this news and decided to give a refutation. The king immediately ordered the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources to study the water of the Zam Zam well with the participation of European laboratories and send water samples for analysis. The experts came to the city of Mecca for this purpose and, having received the permission of the responsible persons, came to the well. It was hard for them to believe that the Zam Zam water source has a small pool measuring 14-18 feet (about 5 m), that it is from this well that millions of canisters of water are filled every year and that it has existed for many centuries. At the beginning of the study, experts tried to determine the depth by pumping water in large volumes, but the water level in the well remained unchanged.
One expert suggested that the influx of water from the sand is possible due to the proximity of the Red Sea. Then, for comparison, the nearby wells of the city of Mecca were checked and found that almost all of them were dry. In addition, Mecca is located at a distance of about 75 km from the Red Sea. After that, the experts took water samples for analysis in the laboratory and recorded the results of the research. It was found that the composition of Zam Zam water differs from the composition of water that enters houses through the city water supply system. In “Zam Zam” water, the level of calcium and magnesium is higher than in ordinary drinking water, and for this reason tired pilgrims, drinking “Zam Zam” water, feel a surge of energy. In addition, the composition of the water “Zam Zam” contains chlorides that counteract the development of microorganisms. Thus, European laboratories have confirmed the purity of Zam Zam water and its suitability for drinking.
Each time research is carried out, new and new amazing properties of this water are discovered, confirming that the water “Zam Zam” is blessed, it is the grace of the Almighty to all pilgrims who come from different parts of the earth to perform the rituals of the Hajj. Geologists, studying the inner currents of the source, found that “Zam Zam” underground is the place where three underground springs join, one of which flows from the side of Safa, the other from the side of Marwa, and the third from the side of the Black Stone. Thus, “Zam Zam” unites the three main shrines of the mosque al-Haram. In Mecca, from the “Zam Zam” spring, pipelines were laid to several stations for filling tank trucks with water, which are then sent to various cities of Saudi Arabia to supply everyone with water from the blessed spring. The surprising fact is that most of the other water sources in Mecca are now dry due to the “barbaric” use of water, although their visible pool was much larger than the pool of the source inside the mosque “al-Haram”.

Why is the source called “Zam Zam”?

From the point of view of linguistics of the Arabic language, the word “Zam Zam” comes from the verb “Zama”, which in translation means “to bind, not to scatter.” Hajar tried to stop the rushing stream of water by uttering this very word. It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Prophet Muhammad said: “The Zam Zam spring is so called because the Hajar stopped the flow of water by making a barrier around the source, otherwise the water would have spilled and flooded everything around.” In a hadith quoted by al-Bukhari, it is said that the Messenger of Allah said: “Allah took pity on Hajar. If she had not hastened to suspend the source, the “Zam-Zam” would have hit with a powerful key. That is, if she had not surrounded him with earth, he would have beaten incessantly, flooding the surroundings”.

Application of FSC “Healing 2”

Advantages of the “Zam Zam” spring water. The water of the Zam Zam spring is the purest water on Earth. Indeed, it contains the countless virtues and blessings of Allah. Here are just some of its virtues mentioned in the sunnah of the prophet:

  1. The water of the Source “Zam Zam” appeared thanks to the prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) and his mother Hajar.
  2. The source “Zam Zam” arose by the Will of Allah through the mediation of the archangel Jibril (peace be upon him).
  3. The source “Zam Zam” is located at the most blessed place on earth – inside the Holy Mosque al-Haram in Mecca near the Holy Kaaba.
  4. This source of water differs from all other sources in that it is surrounded by three ritual signs of Allah – the hajr aswad (black stone), al-Safa and al-Marwa (where “sai” is performed during the Hajj)
  5. The heart of our prophet Muhammad was washed with the water of this very source.
  6. At the request of the Prophet Muhammad, Zam Zam water supplies were brought to Medina, where he kept it. To this day, pilgrims, once in Mecca, stock up on this water and take it to their home in special containers, to all parts of the globe, while its taste and useful properties do not change. Histories, hadiths and authentic cases.
  • Jabir (may Allah be pleased with him) conveyed the words of the Messenger of Allah: “Allah will forgive all sins to the person who completed the tawwaf around the Holy Kaaba (made a round of the Kaaba 7 times), after which he performed 2 rak’ah prayer near the maqam Ib-rahimm and then he drank water from the source of Zam Zam ”(Tafsir Vaakhidi).
  • The Messenger of Allah said: “The water” Zam Zam “contains healing from all diseases” (Dailami).
  • In another hadith, it is quoted from the words of the Prophet Muhammad: “A real believer drinks fully from the source of Zam Zam, while the munafik does not drink in full (that is, it’s like a sign of hypocrisy – not to drink his fill from Zam Zam) “.
  • The Messenger of Allah said: “That for the sake of which they drink the water“ Zam Zam ”will come true. If someone drinks this water in order to be cured, then Allah Almighty will reward this person with recovery, if a person drinks to get rid of thirst, then his thirst will be removed. Through this water, by the will of Allah, the thirst of the Prophet Ismail (peace be upon him) was quenched. “
  • Abdullah Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) conveyed the words of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Heat comes from the Fire of Hell, cool it with water“ Zam Zam ”.
  • Abu Zarr al-Gifaari (may Allah be pleased with him) related an incident that occurred during his adoption of Islam, when he arrived in Mecca. “When I heard the announcement of the prophecy of the Messenger of Allah, I decided to go to Mecca and, having arrived there, began to inquire about him. Unfriendly people then pounced on me, attacked, as a result of which I fell to the ground unconscious. When, after some time, I came to my senses, I ran to the Kaaba and began to hide behind Gilaf. Then sometimes at night I saw the Messenger of Allah making tawwaf (circumambulation of the Kaaba), and I greeted him. Once the Messenger of Allah asked when I came here, to which I replied that I arrived here 30 days ago. Then he asked who supplied me with food. I replied that apart from the water “Zam Zam” I did not receive any other food all this time. Hearing my answer.
  • The Prophet said: “The best water in the world is Zam Zam water. She is food for the hungry and medicine for the sick ”(at-Tabarani).
  • A person should drink this water with the intention and hope of recovery, blessing, with the hope of good things for him in both worlds. The Prophet said: “Zam Zam (good) water, whatever it is intended for.”
  • It is narrated from Ibn Abbas that the prophet said: “ماء زمزم لما شرب له” “Drinking water” Zam Zam “will receive what he drinks it for” (Ahmad, Ibn Majah).
  • Ibn Abbas also narrates the words of the Messenger of Allah: “خير ماء على وجة الارض ماء زمزم فية طعام الطعم وشفاء السقم” “The best water on earth is the water” Zam-Zam “. It tastes good and heals diseases. “
  • Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) said: كان رسول لله صلى لله عل ه ي وسلم يحمل ماء زمزم في الأداوي والقرب ، ” ” وكان يصب على المرضى ويسقيهم “
  • Water “Zam Zam” can be used far from Mecca, as it does not lose its properties. Our ancestors stocked up on water on their travels, and it retained its best qualities.
Properties of water “Zam Zam”

We have already spoken above about the amazing qualities and properties of the blessed water “Zam Zam”. Here is some of them:

  • Never fades. This source has never dried up. At all times, it has always been full of water.
  • Constant salt composition. The composition of the salts and the taste of the water remain the same as they were when the spring first appeared.
  • The suitability of this water for drinking has never been questioned. Pilgrims who annually come to the Kaaba from all over the world to perform Hajj and Umrah never complained about it and always enjoyed the water that refreshed them.
  • The taste of Zam Zam water always remains the same, while ordinary water tastes differently in different places.
  • Absence of microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria. This water has not been chemically treated or chlorinated like ordinary tap water. Most springs show the appearance of microorganisms and vegetation, including the growth of algae. This causes an unpleasant smell and taste in the water. But in the source “Zam Zam” such processes are not observed.
  • The content of calcium and magnesium salts in “Zam Zam” water is slightly higher than in ordinary tap water.
  • The content of fluorides in Zam Zam water indicates that this water has effective bactericidal properties.

The more a person learns, the more he begins to believe in the miraculous properties of this water, which Almighty Allah gave to the believers who went on a pilgrimage to this desert land from distant countries.

Zam Zam water from the point of view of medicine.

According to Dr. Ahmad Al-Muhandis: “Zam Zam water is the cleanest, and this is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).” Dr. Ahmad Al-Muhandis claims that it is clean, tasteless, colorless and odorless, although it has a slightly specific taste imparted by hydrogen, therefore it is moderately alkaline, and the slightly increased sodium content in water meets all the requirements (WHO). During the study “Zam Zam” by means of neutron analysis of water, American scientists discovered more than 30 chemical elements, including iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, chlorides and sulfates.
A detailed description of the analyzes and tests carried out by the WHO prove that Zam-Zam water fully complies with international standards and is suitable for drinking. It has slightly exceeded the usual sodium content, however, according to scientists, it does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.

The Ministry of Information of Saudi Arabia in its booklet also says that, in accordance with the studies and tests carried out, the water “Zam Zam” is drinkable according to all international standards. UAE chemist Adel Attiyah made a chemical analysis of the sacred water and published the results in the Al-Ittihad newspaper. It follows from them that water does not undergo any chemical or natural treatment, there are no harmful impurities and organic substances in it. There are also no phosphates, sulfates and nitrates, hazardous to health, harmful metals – copper, lead, nickel, cobalt, aluminum. But there are calcium, magnesium, soda, potash and other trace elements useful for the body.

Scientists still cannot understand what exactly has such an amazing healing effect. After all, such a composition is not at all something exceptional that heals ailments. Therefore, there is no doubt that the healing effect is achieved due to the energy-informational impact of “Zam Zam” water, which is charged with Divine power.