FSC “Healthy Generation”


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What information on FSC Healthy generation

In addition to the classic children’s and maternal amulets, the FSC Zdorovaya Generation registered the polarization of water samples taken from the energy points of dolmens located in the vicinity of Gelendzhik and which proved to be curative, mainly with children’s polarization.

  • Children’s amulet “Radinets”.
  • Dolmen “Maya” (love).
  • Dolmen “Tenderness” (female polarization (w)).
  • Dolmen “Blessing (or heart) of the mother” (g).
  • Dolmen “Uterus” (f).
  • Dolmen “Womb” (f).
  • Dolmen “Rock of Health” (male polarization (m)).
  • Dolmen “Zest for life” (m).
  • Polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars.
Application of FSC Healthy generation

Each time you apply the Healthy Generation FSC for yourself and your children, it is as if you will visit all these unique places of power with them, feel an improvement in your mental and physical condition, and discover new creative possibilities. You will begin to look at life with different eyes, seeing more and more positive and bright sides in it.

  • Recommended for the mental and physical health of children and their parents,
  • To improve mutual understanding and relationships in the family, especially between children and parents;
  • Plates reveal the latent creativity of children and adults;
  • Protect children from unfavorable sociopathogenic factors (evil eye, damage, etc.);
  • Enhance the adaptation of the body, support with vital energy;
  • Sharpen perception, enhance self-confidence;
  • Help to increase the possibility of conception, gestation and healthy childbirth;
  • Help to form the mental sphere of children and parents;
  • Promote harmony in the family.