FSC “Key of health-2”


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Collectible FSCs with the 5th element are issued once in a short period of the promotion. Collectible proofreaders have a strictly defined spectrum of action, as a rule, aimed at a specific organ or organ system, which is fundamentally different from CFS of other series: blue , green , lilac , gold and other CFS .

Application of FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2”

  • It has a healing effect on all parts of the intestine, as much as possible on the thick and thin.
  • Promotes the prevention of ulcers and damage to the intestinal mucosa.
  • Promotes relief of seizures and relief from irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Promotes the healing processes of the intestinal mucosa.
  • Promotes improved absorption, absorption of nutrients, and the synthesis of digestive enzymes.
  • It helps to restore intestinal motility and motor function, improve evacuation function for regular emptying.
  • Contributes to the restoration and maintenance of normal intestinal microflora.
  • Helps maintain immunity, increase resistance to viruses and infections.
  • It has a regulating effect in case of stool disorders (constipation, frequent bowel movements).
  • Promotes faster recovery from bowel diseases of various etiologies, surgical interventions.
Indications for use of FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2”

FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2” is especially indicated for irregular and unbalanced nutrition, abuse of fast food, spicy, smoked, salty, fatty foods, heavy meat and flour foods, products with chemical preservatives, carbonated drinks, when changing the type of food. And also with a sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, problems with stool (constipation or frequent bowel movements), stress and depression, frequent illnesses associated with a decrease in immunity. FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2” is recommended before and after surgical interventions for faster recovery. FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2” perfectly interacts with the line “EVOchlorophyll” in the presence of infectious, inflammatory, viral, fungal diseases. In case of digestive disorders, after poisoning, to restore microflora, it effectively interacts with the “EVOlit” line (“EVOlit Bio” and “EVOlit Sorb”). To improve motor function and absorption of nutrients, it is recommended to take “FUNGO-VITA” from the “Mushroom collection” series.

What is written on the FSC “KEY OF HEALTH-2”

Polarization of water of one of the Shargaljuut thermal springs in Bayankhongor aimag (Mongolia) is registered at the FSC.
The water structuring time at the FSC is at least 20 minutes.