FSC “Liberator”


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Aimed at cleansing energy centers and restoring sufficient personal energy
  • Contributes to the purification of the energy space and biofield of a person from unauthorized energy-information intrusions of any order, from externally delivered and self-destructive negative programs.
  • Promotes the regulation of the detoxification function of the body, the removal of intoxication, incl. energy, stimulates gastrointestinal motility.
  • It has a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic effect in the presence of inflammatory processes in various organ systems (bronchopulmonary, ENT, urinary, reproductive).
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect in gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Aimed at replenishing and restoring a sufficient level of personal energy.
  • For each user individually on a subtle plane, it erases all unnecessary information from energy centers.
  • It activates the work of all energy centers, building a personal program of harmonious living of the current moment in a state of awareness.
FSC “LIBERATOR” is shown:
  • In the presence of latent or obvious health problems, lack of a diagnosis, constant ailments, increased irritability and unreasonable aggression, increased fatigue.
  • As a preventive means of cleansing and recovery after being in society, especially in crowded places, the presence of “well-wishers”.
  • In complex therapy for any inflammatory process in different organs and systems
Recommendations for the use of FSC “Liberator”:
  • Compatible to work with any previously released FSC, especially with No. 2 “DETOX”, No. 20 “PURIFICATION”, “SPRING OF LAM”, “SPRING OF SHAMBALA”, “POWERFUL WATER”, “KEY OF HEALTH”, “KEY OF HEALTH-2”, “SACRED CAVE”.
  • Use as a means of first prevention of recovery after returning from society.
  • Wear it on yourself, do pumping, drink structured water, use baths, do rubdowns.

Polarization of a spring from the Oryol woodland of the Oryol region is registered at the FSC “Liberator”.

The time for structuring water at the FSC “Liberator” is 1 hour.