FSC “Living Water”


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Basic rules for the use of FSC “Living Water”

FSC “Living Water” or popularly “Epiphany Water” can be used constantly, even in combination with any other plate. Can be used for pumping. First, we activate the water on “Living Water”, then we register information from any other FSC. Or we can use it ourselves.

The polarizations of this FSC will work only during the year of the plate production! Then it can be disassembled into protections for phones, used in a car, put on a meter and wires.

Koltsov S.V. about FSC “Living Water”
  • Question: Tell us about the FSC “Living Water”?
    Answer: Living Water “- all the dynamic transitions on the night of baptism are collected for the whole night. Because when a person comes to the temple and pulls out the water at some point in time, so what? And these transitions took place this year, I don’t remember how many, 18 or 19 or 12. And if all of them are not taken into account here, then there will always be such a polarization during the year that will not be covered up. That is why you have to sit all night and collect many samples.
  • Question: “Living water” is permanently fixed on the inlet pipe. Do I overlay information from other FSCs on it?
    Answer: Well, yes to health, why not? Because “Living Water” is a necessary condition for this year, and if you want to add some functional theme, for God’s sake.
  • Question: What to do with the plate “Living Water 2012 (2013, etc.)” after January next year?
    Answer: They will all work, but they will not cure anyone. That is, they will reproduce the sub-carrier rhythm at 34 seconds with the correct polarization. Put in the light – there will always be good polarization.
  • Question: Is it possible to disassemble the FSC “Living Water” into magnets for use as protection on the phone?
    Answer: Yes, of course.