FSC “Longevity”


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What does FSC Longevity mean?

Mount Belukha is an iconic “place of power” because it is located exactly in the center between the four oceans, at an equal distance from it are the Indian, Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Many believe that the mysterious Shambhala is somewhere nearby … It has been proven that powerful energy processes take place in the Belukha region between the mantle, the Earth’s crust and the upper layers of the ionosphere. In the vicinity of the mountain, atmospheric glow is often observed, various in form and character of manifestation.

Since ancient times, the streams in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye have been revered by people as helpers in accelerating the development of generic problems.

Alanhai is an ancient volcano in the foothills of the Sayan Mountains, at its foot there are many healing springs and a famous balneological hospital is located.

In Logoisk region, due to the features of the relief, there is a large release of groundwater. Many legends and customs are associated with the Logoisk springs local population. Chapels or chapels have been built on several springs, which are of historical and cultural value. The local population considers the water of some springs to be holy, healing, used in the treatment of various diseases.

What is written on the FSC “Longevity”

The following polarizations are recorded on Koltsov’s FSC “Longevity”:

  • polarization of rivers and springs from the foot of Mount Belukha: the Kukuya River, Holy Key, Golden Key, Ursul River, Koksa River:
  • The polarization of streams in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye, which since ancient times contributed to the acceleration of the development of generic problems: the Alchiman stream (guarding), stream Kulerge (blue).
  • Polarization of water from the upper reaches of the rivers Bashkaus, Katun, (“Kadyn”, translated into English means “Mistress” or “Mistress”).
  • Polarization of the spring from Alkhanai in the foothills of the eastern Sayan Mountains, contributing to the normalization of cerebral circulation and cardiovascular system.
  • Polarization of water from a karst cave in the foothills of the Pshada called “Skull”.
  • Polarization of the Tibetan Reishi mushroom (or Gonoderma, to prevent the development of unwanted cellular processes). Polarization of water from Logoisk springs (Belarus).
  • Cosmoenergy channel “Golden Pyramid” (to ensure information protection of the FSC).
FSC application areas Longevity

Koltsov’s functional state corrector “Longevity” is intended for solutions to various problems with blood circulation, primarily cerebral. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to use it for the prevention of diseases and recovery for a variety of ailments (post-stroke conditions, migraines, dizziness, insufficient cerebral circulation, etc.). Not only pumping with the help of these correctors will be effective , but also fixing the FSC in a problem area, taking a shower with water structured with its help, and simply washing. And of course, drinking water structured on this corrector.