FSC “Love”


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Information registered on FSC Love

Polarization of water samples taken from the energy points of dolmens located on the Black Sea coast in the vicinity of the city of Gelendzhik and helping a person to tune in to the energy of high feelings and emotions, which is Love, is prescribed at the FSC “Love”. This is also facilitated by water samples from the ancient city of Arkaim, a place of incredible power recently discovered by archaeologists. The number of such places on the whole Earth can be counted on the fingers of one hand. And in addition to the strength of Arkaim, the polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars (Yakutia), which pump the human body with the primordial energy of life, is also registered on the plate.

  • The great spiral of the Mountain of Love (Arkaim)
  • Small spiral of the Mountain of Love (Arkaim)
  • Dolmen “Maya” (Love)
  • Rejuvenation ledge on Shamanka Mountain (Arkaim)
  • Prayer stone from the center of the Arkaim settlement
  • Polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars

The themes for this plate are selected so as to maximize the ability of a person to love and be loved, for, as they say, these are two sides of the same coin. They help to sort out emotions and feelings, to establish a harmonious perception of oneself and loved ones.

Recommendations for the use of FSC Love
  • For the mental and physical health of the family,
  • To improve mutual understanding and relationships in the family, between close people and distant relatives,
  • Plates help to form a microclimate of love, promote harmony in the family.
  • Protect against unfavorable sociopathogenic factors (envy, anger, etc.)
  • Enhance the adaptation of the body, support life force with the highest spiritual energy – the energy of Love,
  • Sharpen perception, enhance self-confidence, increase self-esteem,
  • The plate can be recommended to people who want to find their only soul mate,
  • Can also be recommended to those who hope to become parents, who want to learn to understand and love people.