FSC “Male amulet”


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What is spelled out on the FSC Male amulet

Polarization of water samples taken from the purest and most powerful springs of Russia and Belarus, which have established themselves as healing ones, as well as from the energy points of the most unique Black Sea dolmens with protective abilities, are registered at the FSC “Male amulet” and “Female amulet”. This is the strongest protection and nourishment of a person with appropriate energies (male or female).

General themes of amulets (both male and female):

  • two Logoisk springs, Republic of Belarus;
  • Spring from the monastery of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, Kirov;
  • Two springs from Olkhon Island, Lake Baikal;
  • Spring “Sacred Hand”, Krasnodar Territory ;;
  • Dolmen “Healer”
  • Polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars
  • Polarization from the place of power Kiseli, north of Yakutia
  • Spring near the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

Additional themes for “Man’s Amulet”:

  • spring Novogrudok (m), Republic of Belarus;
  • Dolmen “Men’s health” (m);
  • Dolmen “Male amulet” (m);
  • Dolmen “Ra” (m).

The most amazing and unique plates! The places of power were picked up on KFS-amulets from all parts of our vast country: north, south, west, east, middle lane. A very small number of people in their entire life manage to visit at least a certain number of such strongest places in Russia.

Recommendations for the use of FSC Male amulet

Each time, using FSC-amulets for yourself and your loved ones, you seem to be with them in all these unique places of power, you will feel an improvement in your mental and physical condition, and you will discover new opportunities in yourself. Now you will always be under the protection of the lightest forces, they will not allow anything dark to penetrate to you, they will drive out all the existing “blackness” and fill only with positive, creative energies.

  • Recommended for strengthening physical and mental health;
  • With various nervous and mental disorders, with depression, with nervous breakdowns, various neuroses, in a stressful situation, etc.;
  • In diseases of the male spheres, for hormonal regulation and in the corresponding diseases;
  • Protect against unfavorable sociopathogenic factors (evil eye, curse, envy, damage, enhance the adaptation of the organism, support with vital energy;
  • Give powerful cleansing and protection of the natural order from any external influences,
  • Help to adapt in any environment;
  • Protect from electromagnetic and geopathogenic radiation;
  • Give self-confidence and self-confidence;
  • Helps men restore male body functions.