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FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAYLAS “is aimed at purification and transformation of consciousness. FSC “MANASAROVAN. KAYLAS” ​​promotes powerful transformation of consciousness, cognition through consciousness of the higher laws of the Universe. Aimed at harmonizing and bringing your mind and body into a state of balance, physical and emotional union with oneself

  • Promotes the renewal of the energy shell, filling with light energies of love and creation.
  • Contributes to the correction of physical and emotional state, support of all organ systems for various ailments and diseases, incl. severe (lingering, incurable, genetic, autoimmune, etc.).
  • Promotes healing of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems (works softly and accurately, like an osteopath).
  • Promotes the processes of tissue regeneration, mucous membranes, strengthening and growth of hair and nails.
  • Helps to harmonize the internal state of a person, to establish interpersonal relationships, to let go of negative emotions (resentment, anger, including those directed at oneself).
  • Brings you into a state of awareness and acceptance of your true purpose.

FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAYLAS “is an invaluable friend and gift for:

  • Everyone who is engaged in spiritual, ritual, energy practices (silence, meditation, austerity, vows).
  • Those who are engaged in health-improving practices (physical exercises, therapeutic fasting, diet therapy, breathing techniques, hardening, winter swimming).
  • Everyone who needs help in the recovery and healing of the body on the physical and subtle planes.
  • Supporting the work of all organ systems for various ailments and diseases, incl. genetic and autoimmune.

FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAYLAS “- a unique opportunity to get in touch with the healing energies of the living water of the sacred lake Manasarovar.

Recommendations for use:
  • To work with this FSC, especially for the first time, it is recommended to prepare the physical body and soul (detoxification procedures, therapeutic fasting for 1-2 days, breathing techniques to purify consciousness).
  • Drink structured water on the FSC, do pumping, wear it when you are in society.
  • Place under the pillow for intuitive dreams. Use in meditative practices, rehabilitation processes (physical, emotional) and recovery.
  • Joint application with FSC “GREEN CONTAINER. KAYLAS ”promotes zeroing and complete reboot of existing programs of the past, reaching a new energy level.

At the FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAYLAS ”the polarization of Lake Manasarovar (Western Tibet, Kailash) is prescribed.

Time of water structuring at FSC “MANASAROVAR. KAYLAS “- about 8.5 hours.