FSC “Natural antibiotic”


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Basic rules for the use of FSC “Natural antibiotic”

FSC “Natural antibiotic” or in the people “Dead water” to use dosed. Drink water no more than a glass no earlier than 2 hours later. Use to disinfect wounds, rinse fungi, gargle during flu, ARVI and other infectious diseases. Take baths with this FSC for no more than 5 minutes. Removes negative polarizations from the human aura.

Store together with other FSCs or away from water if not in use.

Remember – this is a natural antibiotic!

Polarization of the FSC data will work only during the year of the plate production! Then it can be disassembled into protections for phones, used in a car, put on a meter and wires.

Koltsov S.V. about FSC “Natural antibiotic”
  • Question: Tell us about the FSC “Natural antibiotic” and “Living water”
    Answer: Here is “Natural antibiotic” – this is an hour before the change of polarization for the new year, Living water “- all the dynamic transitions on the night of baptism are collected overnight. Because when a person comes to the temple and pulls out the water at some point in time, so what? And these transitions took place this year, I don’t remember how many, 18 or 19 or 12. And if all of them are not taken into account here, then there will always be such a polarization during the year that will not be covered up. That is why you have to sit all night and collect many samples. It is also the right decision – to use “Natural antibiotic” in the morning and in the evening when taking water procedures, you will immediately wash away all the information trash you have accumulated during the day.
  • Question: What to do with the plate “Living Water 2012 (2013, etc.)” after January next year?
    Answer: They will all work, but they will not cure anyone. That is, they will reproduce the sub-carrier rhythm at 34 seconds with the correct polarization. Put it in the light – there will always be good polarization.
  • Question: “Natural Antibiotic” “at once” removes thrush.
    Answer: Well, of course, he is an antibiotic. It actually stops all fluctuations in good and bad microorganisms. But the good ones, symbiotic to our body, are supported by our skeletal system, but the bad ones are not supported by anyone, so if you regularly start in the rubbing mode, or somehow use this water charged on this FSC, of ​​course you will beat the pathogenic microflora.
  • Question: Is it possible to put “Natural antibiotic” on a problem spot for a short time?
    Answer: do not do it better, but regularly drink water from this FSC for some time, but not more often than once every 2 hours. Not more often.
  • Question: If the protection from the phone is attached to the counter?
    Answer: Well, not enough, the capacities are decent. It works, but I would like to … The whole FSC works adequately.
  • Question: Ah, well, the correct answer is that with water on “Natural Antibiotic” we got rid of a lot of mold in the basement.
    Answer: Yes, it should work like that, and tear off the mold.