FSC No. 15 (light of life)


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Lilac series KFS “Cosmoenergetika”

In the modern rapidly changing processes in our Galaxy, solar system and Earth, a person needs to cleanse all subtle bodies, energy chakras, restore and protect them in order to survive. LILAC CORRECTORS ARE CALLED TO SOLVE THESE FUNDAMENTAL TASKS!

Programs written on lilac FSCs have no material carriers. Thought images of harmony, harmony of Mother Nature, sacred geometry, musical rows and intelligent channels of Cosmoenergetics are recorded on them. Cosmoenergy channels have a complex multi-vortex structure, which is consonant with the geometry of the CPS. Therefore, the FSC resonate with the channels of Cosmoenergy and are well charged by them.

There are 2 types of interaction with lilac correctors – passive and active modes.

In passive mode, lilac FSCs can be used to structure water and pumping, but it is not recommended to wear them on yourself.

In the active mode, an interactive process is additionally activated, that is, the interaction of the corrector program with the person’s mental images after the password has been pronounced.


Functionality and content of FSC No. 15
  • It is intended to include rejuvenation functions and extend -niya period of active longevity.
  • Promotes the removal of any negative programs, cleaning and restoration of the biofield.
  • Aimed at the harmonious development of a person and his relationship with the outside world.
  • Improves the quality of life, helps to establish mutual understanding with a partner.
  • Promotes the production and activation of stem cells, telomerase, activation of mitochondria.
  • Stops tumor growth, causes regression of tumors of any localization, burns programs that cause tumor growth.
  • Restores original DNA.
  • Through the activation of stem cells, it starts the regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation of internal organs, vascular walls, nails, hair, tooth enamel.
  • Transforms the energy of radioactive isotopes into life force energy.