FSC No. 17 (revival)


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Golden series KFS with channels SPACE THEURGY MAYA

According to Koltsov S.The. for the full preservation or restoration of health, it is imperative to cleanse your own consciousness and subconsciousness. It is unrealistic to do this by the existing generally accepted methods. A new series of Golden FSCs with channels “SPACE THEURGY MAYA” will allow people to independently get rid of negative attachments and zombie programs, eliminate destructive ties with the dead, get rid of astral entities, restore the harmonious action of their own energy centers and subtle bodies, master social adaptation and much more to solve vital tasks.

Mayan channels, registered on the KFS of the golden series:

  • 5-10 times more powerful than classical cosmoenergy channels.
  • Reasonably adjust to the person and find the problem themselves.
  • They deeply slag the subconscious.

Cosmic Theurgy “Maya” is a different healing methodology and other opportunities for spiritual development and perfection. These are higher 4th level channels.

Theurgy (Greek) is a magical art or (according to Berdyaev) creative action together with God.

Correctors of the Functional State of the Golden Series:

  • They are effectively combined with all FSCs of other series.
  • They work only in the hands of a specific person, directing their action towards him.
  • They start up on their own after direct contact with a person.
  • The launch time is determined individually in accordance with the principle “Do no harm”.

To obtain a full-fledged result from the use of the gold series FSC, it is necessary not only to restore harmony of body, soul and spirit, but also to harmonize the consciousness with the subconscious and the higher “I”, which is facilitated by the FSC of the previous series – blue, green, lilac.

The KFS of the golden series combines the channels of classical cosmoenergy and the Maya channels; there is the KFS only with the Maya channels. Cosmoenergy is the background that guides and intensifies the action of the Maya channels. Thanks to the classics, the dosage of exposure is provided for ease of use and adjustment.

All FSCs of the golden series are adjusted to each specific person: it is enough to hold the FSC in your hands several times, the channels will turn on either immediately or after a certain period of time, depending on the individual settings of the person – after a few hours or in a day. When exactly, the FSC determines independently.

Koltsov’s KFS devices of the golden series are used, as well as KFS of other series – structuring of water for drinking, shower, bath and pumping, including by the principle of coordination.

Purpose of FSC No. 17 “Revival”

Designed to penetrate into the deep layers of the subconscious, to identify the underlying causes of the negative state of human health and the destruction of these negative programs.

Sometimes there are situations when health does not improve, life situations are not improved for the better. and that a person does not commit, such a feeling as if he is doing everything to his own detriment. This suggests that the reasons for a given disease or a given life situation (problems at work, problems with business, and so on) lie very deep in the subconscious, in the deepest in the lowest layers.

This FSC is designed to do just that. It has a very powerful vortex flow. It is like a gimbal (at high speed) penetrates into the deep layers. He has the power (like a tornado) to turn all these deep layers out and then it immediately becomes clear that a person who behaved like a good family man suddenly says directly and openly that he has a mistress, or his wife finds photographs from him that were previously did not see. Suddenly, the person whom you considered your friend begins to look at you viciously, with hatred. Or your colleague at work (no one has noticed him before, so quiet) suddenly shone with all the colors of the rainbow, his eyes laugh, he breathes with kindness and joy. All this suggests that the FSC reveals the true essence of a person, reveals the true reasons for his current state. FSC Revival is designed to penetrate into the deep layers of the subconscious, to identify the underlying causes of the negative state of human health and the destruction of these negative programs.