FSC Rodnik Lam


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Rodnik Lam – Collectible FSCs with the 5th element are issued once in a short period of the promotion. Collectible proofreaders have a strictly defined spectrum of action, as a rule, aimed at a specific organ or organ system, which is fundamentally different from CFS of other series: blue , green , lilac , gold and other CFS .

Application of FSC “Rodnik lam”
  • It affects the body in a complex way on all planes – the subtle and the physical.
  • Launches global programs of healing at the level of consciousness.
  • Initiates the processes of harmonization of the psyche at the subconscious level.
  • Normalizes the state of the nervous system, bringing the processes of excitation and inhibition into physiological balance.
  • Relieves the state of internal aggression and tension.
  • Enables the geometric balance of the body, bringing the person into a state of awareness.
  • Contributes to the acquisition of a stable state of inner harmony and perception of the world “here” and “now”.
  • It launches the processes of purification and powerful regeneration of the liver in case of damage of a different nature (intoxication, obesity, etc.).
  • Normalizes the work of various organ systems – cardiovascular, hematopoietic, hormonal.
  • Restores metabolism, physiologically corrects weight.
  • Works effectively with animals in all aspects of physiological health and mental balance
What is written on the FSC “Rodnik Lam”

Polarization of water from the Rodnik Lam Spring (Mongolia) is registered at the FSC.

Time of structuring “Rodnik Lam”

The water structuring time at the FSC is at least 17 minutes. It is recommended to apply on the 3rd energy center (the area of ​​the right hypochondrium, the area of ​​the liver).