FSC “Secret of the Sage”


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Aimed at slowing down the physiological aging processes, increasing the body’s resistance.
  • Promotes the production and correct distribution of the required amount of energy for the coordinated work of all information and control structures of the body, its cells, organs and systems.
  • Helps to start the process of restoration of DNA structures, viability of cells, tissues, organs and intraorganismal synthesis of complexes of biologically significant substances that stimulate key vital functions: energy, reproductive and adaptive.
  • Promotes an increase in the body’s nonspecific resistance (immunity) to the effects of various damaging factors of external and internal genesis (physical, chemical and biological origin), strengthening the body’s defenses at any time.
  • Promotes the manifestation of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect in the complex therapy of skin diseases of various origins (including chronic, autoimmune).
  • Promotes regeneration and cleansing of the skin in case of damage (cuts, abrasions, burns) due to skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, dermatitis, etc.).
  • Promotes external skin rejuvenation, the production of collagen and elastin, slowing down the physiological processes of skin aging, prolonging the period of skin youth.
  • Helps in the complex therapy of a wide range of neurological diseases (neurosis, neuralgia, neuropathy, migraine, vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.).
  • Aimed at increasing the bioenergetic level of cells, active restoration of tissue structures and body functions at all its levels.
  • Promotes the improvement of the female reproductive system, restoration and improvement of the reproductive capabilities of the body, restoration and maintenance of hormonal balance.
  • Effective for the prevention and correction of various inflammatory, infectious and bacterial diseases, is used in complex therapy and for rehabilitation after undergoing gynecological operations.
  • Helps to restore and properly form the elements of living tissues, launches programs of bioinformation exchange in the body, enhances its energy and protective functions.

FSC “SECRET OF THE SAGE” leads you to renewal and superiority over stress, disease and aging. Can be used with other FSCs, for example, “PHOENIX”, “YOUNG APPLE”, “BEAUTY FACTOR”, No. 1 “ANTI-PARASITARY”, No. 2 “DETOX”, No. 6 “DEEP CLEANSING OF THE SKIN. WHITENING. FOOD “, №7” FOOD. LIFTING. ACCELERATED REGENERATION “, No. 15” LIGHT OF LIFE “,” HIDDEN LAKE “,” VELIKORETSKY “,” NEUROVITA “,” CODE GOBI “,” SERGIEVSKAYA PEARL “,” ASSOCIATE “.

Polarization of the Yak-Su source from the mountain range of Bukhansan National Park, South Korea is registered at the FSC “SECRET OF THE SAGE” .

The time of water structuring at the FSC “THE SAGE’S MYSTERY” is about 2 hours.