FSC “Success”


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What areas of work are spelled out at KFS Success

At the FSC “Success” the polarization of water samples taken from places of power and helping in the implementation of our plans and goals, in resolving difficulties arising on the way and in obtaining deserved recognition, is prescribed.

These are such incredibly powerful energetic places as the ancient megalithic structures of dolmens in the vicinity of Gelendzhik on the Black Sea coast, the sensational ancient observatory settlement Arkaim in the Chelyabinsk region recently discovered by archaeologists, a healing source with strong positive energy on the territory of the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh near Moscow. And in addition to this power, the plate also contains the polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars (Yakutia), which pump the human body with the primordial energy of life;

  • Big Karaganka river (Arkaim);
  • Mount of Mind (Arkaim);
  • Spring near the church of St. Sergius of Radonezh;
  • Dolmen “Zest for life”;
  • Dolmen “Tor”;
  • Polarization of stones from the Lena Pillars.

The themes for this plate are selected for those who want to develop their personality, strengthen those qualities that help us achieve our goals, and gain self-confidence.

FSC application areas Success

Applying FSC “Success”, you will begin to look at life with different eyes, seeing in it more and more positive and bright sides. Anyone who wants to gain self-confidence, learn to achieve goals and make their desires come true, feel protection from hostile influences, we recommend this device from the green KFS series. It is also useful when there is a need to solve some difficult life situations, help to understand the circumstances that have arisen and remove obstacles from the path.