FSC “Varvarin Klyuch”


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Collectible FSCs with the 5th element are issued once in a short period of the promotion. Collectible proofreaders have a strictly defined spectrum of action, as a rule, aimed at a specific organ or organ system, which is fundamentally different from CFS of other series: blue , green , lilac , gold and other CFS .

Application of FSC “Varvarin Klyuch”

The main function of the Koltsov FSC “Varvarin Klyuch” is the prevention and correction of various inflammatory, bacterial and fungal diseases.

  • It has a general anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, helps prevent and correct various inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system in women and men.
  • It has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity and gums (gingivitis, stomatitis, periodontal disease), with inflammatory skin diseases (including furunculosis, carbuncle).
  • Promotes strengthening and maintenance of immunity, faster recovery from acute respiratory infections or acute respiratory viral infections, incl. when the first symptoms of disease appear.
  • Promotes the assimilation of the trace element magnesium (Mg), which ensures the physiological course of various vital processes in the body (especially in the nervous, cardiovascular, bone and digestive systems).
  • Promotes the restoration of phosphorus and carbohydrate metabolism.
  • Promotes the restoration of enzymatic reactions (in the digestive tract, liver, gallbladder).
  • Promotes the regulation of the processes of regeneration and renewal of cells of tissues and organs, the absorption of vitamins and minerals.
  • Promotes the correction and prevention of various diseases of the upper respiratory tract, dilution and removal of phlegm from the lungs.
  • Promotes healing in case of dysfunctions of brain structures (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal gland), restoration of the endocrine system organs.
  • It helps to eliminate dry eye syndrome, relieve vascular spasms caused by prolonged work at the computer, has a positive effect on the vitreous body of the eye, and is effective in cataracts.
  • Helps to alleviate the state of the body with vegetative-vascular dystonia, restores the elasticity of blood vessels, promotes blood thinning and prevents thrombus formation.
  • Contributes to the correction and prevention of fungal diseases of nails, skin, incl. with seborrhea of ​​the scalp, promotes faster restoration of the nail plate, has a pronounced antifungal effect.
Recommendations for the use of Koltsov’s FSC “Varvarin Klyuch”

It is recommended to use water structured on FSC “VARVARIN KEY” in the process of preparing homemade products (pickles, marinades, etc.), cans are well stored all winter, vegetables remain strong and crispy. FSC can be effectively used both for pets (cats, dogs, parrots, etc.) and in the livestock sector, especially during the first pasture of cattle in the spring, during delivery and distribution of cows. In the presence of fungal infections, long-term combined use of FSC “VARVARIN KEY”, No. 1 and 2, antiparasitic line “SANITA” is recommended. For diseases of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and gums, the complex application of the FSC “VARVARIN KEY” with the FSC “HEALTHY TEETH” and “EVOchlorophyll-E” is effective.

What is spelled out on the FSC “VARVARIN KEY”

Polarization of water from the Varvarin Klyuch spring is registered at the FSC “VARVARIN KEY”. This famous source is located near the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky, Yaroslavl region. Varvarin Klyuch together with Alexandrovaya Mountain, Sin-Kamen and Pleshcheyev Lake is included in a single cult complex dedicated to the ancient Slavic god Yaril. Varvarin’s key is considered a sacred place, therefore it is necessary to approach work with FSC only with pure thoughts and desires.