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  • FSC THE WONDERWORKER contributes to the healing of the whole organism, works as a marker, revealing and designating latent or obvious failures and health problems: physical, psychological; then gently but effectively contributes to their correction.
  • FSC WONDERWORK promotes activation of energy centers (especially 6th, 7th and 8th), harmonious distribution and accumulation of energy throughout the body.
  • FSC the WONDERWORKER helps to open the “spiritual heart”, to saturate the aura with the light energies of love, to strengthen families, collectives, network structures, to improve relationships and mutual understanding in them.
  • FSC WONDERWORK helps you stay calm and make important decisions quickly in stressful situations when needed.
  • Promotes the discovery of “spiritual vision”, the onset of insight, awareness, understanding and acceptance of one’s purpose and meaning of life.
  • Helps to develop intuitive vision and knowledge, the ability to be in contact with the Higher Mind and your intuition.
  • Promotes the fulfillment of desires, helps to overcome difficult periods in life, more quickly and efficiently adapt to the changing conditions of society and the environment.
  • Aimed at identifying and eliminating any variants of possible energy-information intrusions, as well as the introduction of artificially created programs when exposed through the body’s liquid media.
  • Aimed at restoring the bioenergetic field and increasing the user’s vibration level, creating an effective personal energy-information protection.
  • For everyone who seeks to develop intuition, live in the energies of love.
  • With exhaustion of nervous and physical forces, a state of prolonged psychological discomfort or depression in the complex therapy of the condition.
  • To improve relationships in society.
  • For travelers, incl. pilgrims, drivers of all types of transport (ground, air, water, underground), military personnel, shift workers.
Recommendations for the use of the FSC “MIRACLE”:
  • Combined use with FSC “CODE GOBI” or “GOLD GOBI” increases the effectiveness of the impact on the body in order to harmonize physiological processes for healing and rejuvenation, creating and maintaining energy protection.
  • Compatible with any previously issued FSC, it is especially recommended to combine with FSC “GRACE”, “GOLDEN SAND”, “CAMERTON”, “INDI”, “LOVE”, “HARMONY”, “LHASA”, “MOUNTAIN ALTARNAYA.” PORTALS SIRIUS AND ORION “,” SACRED CAVE “,” BLACK MOUNTAIN “.
  • Drink water structured on FSC, do pumping, wear it when you are in society, especially in a conflict and hostile environment, spray the premises.
  • Use when practicing meditative practices, martial arts.

Polarization of water from the holy spring of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Sergiev-Posad is registered at the FSC “WONDERWORKER”.
The water structuring time at the FSC “WONDER” is at least 2 hours.