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“Good Gums is a powerful, 100% pure, all-natural alternative to toothpaste that cleans teeth and cares for your gums in ways toothpaste can’t.”
Natural solution for good gums
Good Gums is a powerful, 100% pure, all-natural alternative to toothpaste that cleans teeth and cares for your gums in ways toothpaste can’t.


What have you been brushing with?

Most of us are not aware of all the potentially harmful toxins and artificial chemicals that nearly all mass-produced toothpastes contain. Considering that around 75% of Adults have some form of gum disease (but have used toothpaste for years), it doesn’t look as if the stuff in those squeezy tubes is really helping.

Enter Good-Gums. It’s been on the market for years in the U.S. and has already helped thousands of satisfied customers. Now it’s available worldwide! This unique product, made from the purest, 100% natural ingredients has grown a reputation from grass-roots beginnings based purely on its effectiveness in helping people care for their teeth and gums the natural way.

Trusted by thousands of customers, Good-Gums is produced in an FDA Certified Facility and manufactured in full compliance with FDA cGMP Regulations and the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP). Certified as “Safe, effective and of high quality” by Health Canada.

What’s different about Good-Gums?

Thanks to its unique formula, all-natural, pure Good-Gums has antimicrobial properties, neutralizing the oral acids in the mouth and preventing plaque bacteria build-up, which results in fresh breath and clean teeth.

Thorough at cleaning teeth, Good-Gums also provides nutrition which your gums absorb while brushing. So every time you brush, you’ll be feeding your gums with vitamin C – essential for gum health and rapid tissue regeneration. It’s also rich in the minerals essential for building strong tooth enamel. Good-Gums is easy to use and because the active ingredients are in powder form, their effects are more potent.



Some brands make these claims, but look closely and compare their ingredients to ours. You’ll see a crucial difference…

Only Good-Gums delivers vitamin C (and LOTS of it) directly to the gums. It’s the most important nutrient required by your body to grow new, healthy gum cells.  Other products just don’t have it.

And because it’s a powder, Good-Gums delivers vitamin C in a form that retains its full potency (which would degrade quickly and become ineffective in a liquid, balm or a paste).  And the Good-Gums formula buffers the acidity of vitamin C with alkaline baking soda in such a way that the formula won’t damage your enamel, while still maintaining the viability of the vitamin C. Good-Gums further enhances your gums’ ability to absorb our ingredients with the inclusion of citrus bioflavonoids. Why? Studies have shown that combining vitamin C with citrus bioflavonoids induces the body to absorb 35% more of the vitamin C, and increases the bioavailability of the vitamin C.

The proven effectiveness of our product has led to Good-Gums gaining certification from Health Canada (the Canadian Government’s equivalent of the FDA) as being effective.  Health Canada also certified it as safe and of high quality.  (In the US, FDA licensing isn’t available for natural products. Even so, Good-Gums is produced in an FDA Certified Facility and our manufacturing process is compliant with current FDA cGMP regulations.)

Some brands focus their claims on reducing levels of plaque-causing bacteria (usually due to a few essential oils).  Good-Gums does the same through its highly effective herbal antimicrobials, but only Good-Gums also actively strengthens gum tissue to defend against infection and feeds the growth of new gum cells with its potent vitamin C combined with citrus bioflavonoids.

A few competitors go a step further to include soothing herbs, but again, only Good-Gums also actively feeds gum tissue with its vitamin C combined with our blend of effective soothing herbs of the highest quality.

So when it comes to actually supporting gum health and stimulating the growth of healthy new gum cells, Good-Gums is in a class by itself.  Really, it’s what’s in the product that counts, not stock photos of bad gums that anyone can purchase.

What’s in Good-gums?

We use myrrh, peppermint, baking soda, French grey sea salt, cinnamon, cranberry, vitamin-C and citrus bioflavonoids – and nothing else. No glycerin and certainly no fluoride; absolutely nothing gets added to our tooth powder that can’t be found in the purest places on the planet.  Take a more detailed look at our ingredients list to see what beneficial qualities are in each ingredient and what they do for the state of your gum health.

Good-Gums is produced in an FDA Certified Facility and manufactured in full compliance with Current FDA cGMP Regulations. Quality is further assured by our production process and ingredients conforming fully with the United States Pharmacopeial Convention (USP). Good-Gums is certified as “Safe, effective and of high quality” by Health Canada.We make sure that all our ingredients are sourced from the purest places on the planet and undergo multiple screening tests to ensure that what you’re putting into your body is of absolute highest quality and completely safe to ingest.When all ingredients reach our FDA approved manufacturing facility, each ingredient is screened for impurities so that every single grain of Good-Gums is to the highest standard of purity and potency.

All the ingredients are tested for:

  • Heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, & Mercury)
  • Pesticides
  • Total Plate Count (TPC – represents the total bacterial load)
  • Yeast
  • Mold
  • Ecoli
  • Salmonella
  • Staphylococcus
  • Pseudomonas

Our formula is manufactured according to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (CGMPs), regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in an FDA registered facility. CGMPs detail systems that assure proper design, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes and facilities.  Adherence to the CGMP regulations assures the identity, strength, quality, and purity of supplements by requiring that manufacturers adequately control manufacturing operations. Once each ingredient has passed rigorous testing they are combined into the formula. The finished product is then tested again for contaminants to guarantee that nothing occurred during the manufacturing process that altered the results of the initial testing of the ingredients. Good-Gums is then tested to assure the correct amounts of each ingredient are present and the formula is accurate. Once the final product has passed all testing, it is finally ready to be prepped, packed and sent off to our customers. Good-Gums contains none of the nasty stuff:

  • No artificial colors, flavors or any other artificial ingredients.
  • Antibiotic-free, hormone-free and fluoride-free.
  • The box is made from 100% recycled fiber, which is recyclable and biodegradable.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • The bottle we use (HDPE with Plastic Identification Code 2) does not contain (and therefore cannot leach) Bisphenol-A (BPA) – an estrogen mimic that’s common to some other kinds of plastic. 
Did you know – as well as being 100% pure and natural, Good-Gums is 100% Vegan and cruelty-free (it’s never been tested on animals and never will be!)
Getting the most from Good-Gums

Good-Gums is truly unique in its ability to target problem areas in the mouth that need your attention. The formula is designed to be absorbed by the gums, putting back essential vitamins and minerals that are antimicrobial, counter the stickiness of plaque, soothe the gums, and neutralize the acidity favored by plaque.

Oral care routine tip:

We recommend avoiding glycerin (found in toothpaste and most mouthwashes) altogether, but at least 4 hours prior to using Good-Gums.

Most toothpastes coat your teeth and gums with an invisible film of glycerin, even after rinsing, which can inhibit your gum’s ability to absorb the nitrifying ingredients in Good-Gums. So get the most from those helpful herbs and marvelous minerals – leave your old toothpaste in the tube and switch to the product that works in harmony with your body.

How Good Gum is applied differently?

There are a variety of ways to use Good-Gums.  Brushing with it is the most basic method, but adding additional oral care practices that are described further down this page will give you more accelerated results.


First, make sure your gums are bare when you apply Good-Gums.  Don’t use any product containing glycerin during the four hours prior to applying it.  Glycerin leaves a filmy coating on the teeth and gums that effectively prevents the gums from absorbing the Good-Gums solution.  Rinsing doesn’t remove the film.  Virtually all toothpaste and most mouthwashes contain glycerin.  So don’t use them before using Good-Gums.

You don’t need stiff bristles to massage the Good-Gums formula into the gums, so stop using toothbrushes with medium or hard bristles.  Instead, use a brush with soft bristles (or even better, with extra-soft bristles with rounded tips).

Give the bottle of Good-Gums a shake, flip open the cap, and tap into the palm of one hand about 1/8-teaspoon of the powder.  That would be a small mound that would just cover a dime.  Then touch some of the powder with a damp toothbrush; some will stick to the ends of the bristles.  Spread the powder along one section (for example, along the lower left outer quadrant).  As soon as the powder touches saliva, it will dissolve into a liquid solution, which the gums can absorb.  Now with the liquid solution there along the gum line, you’re ready to brush that segment.

Angle the bristles about 45-degrees and slide some of the bristles between the collar of the gum and a tooth’s root.  While some bristles are nestled there, move the head of the toothbrush in tiny circles (about 1/8-inch diameter), which will cause the tips of the bristles to wiggle in place.  About 8 to 10 tiny circles for each tooth.  You don’t need to slide the brush either left-and-right or up-and-down.  You don’t need to scrub the gum line.  You don’t need hard pressure.  Just keep some bristles nestled between the collar of the gum and the tooth’s root.  The vibrating bristles will massage the dissolved solution into the gums and will flick the loosened plaque away.  Repeat for each tooth. When done with one section, use your toothbrush to pick up some more powder, and spread it along another section and repeat the process.  When all sections of the gum line have been brushed, brush the enamel surfaces, and then spit out the solution which now contains bits of food, debris and loosened plaque.  After brushing in the evening before bed, if you don’t rinse off the remaining Good-Gums solution, the gums will absorb a little more during the night.

Using A Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes (e.g. Sonicare and similar.) usually come with the desirable soft or extra-soft bristles.  As with the manual toothbrush, angle the brush about 45-degrees to nestle some bristles between the collar of the gum and a tooth’s root.  Let the electric brush vibrate the bristles for you.  Give each tooth a couple seconds of gentle vibration, even if that means running the brush for an extra cycle.  Again, do not scrub with hard pressure; just let the vibrating bristles lightly nestle under the gum line with the dissolved Good-Gums, and let the wiggles or vibrations disrupt the biofilm of plaque.  After brushing the gum line, softly brush the enamel surfaces.

Flossing with Good-Gums

If you’re like most people, flossing probably isn’t your most favorite thing to do, but flossing with Good-Gums really is hugely beneficial to your teeth and gums and takes your oral care practice to the next level.

The rubbing action of the floss is designed to scour the soft plaque from the sides of the teeth (where a toothbrush can’t reach) and literally shred the biofilm back into harmless disorganization.  

Put a very small pinch of the powder in your mouth where it will dissolve in saliva.  Even though the salty flavor may tempt you to swallow, and it’s perfectly safe to do so, resist the inclination so that the solution remains in your mouth to do its work.

Swirl it over the teeth and gums on one side, either top or bottom.  Some people have tried to keep all of the solution for all of the mouth’s quadrants between their teeth as they floss, but that’s not necessary and can lead to dribbling.

Let the solution fall back in your mouth and floss on the teeth that have been swirled. If they dry out, simply close your mouth and swirl again.

Gently move the floss between the teeth until it nestles against one tooth right up under the gum margin, which is a prime location for plaque to start and gum infection to take hold.  

Wrap the floss tightly around one side of the tooth and rub it up and down so that it scrapes along the side of the tooth as far as you can all the way under the gums’ collar. Repeat for each tooth on that side of the mouth.

Take another pinch of Good-Gums for the other side of the mouth, and then repeat the process, and then again for the lowers (or the uppers).

Interdental Cleaning

Especially if you have receding gums or if the condition of your teeth and gums are severe, then you can accelerate your progress by adding interdental cleaning to your oral hygiene routine, in addition to flossing. Its intent is similar to flossing, but it gets to some plaque and calculus that your floss can’t get to, and it is more effective at massaging the Good-Gums solution into the gums.  You can find these straight brushes at almost any pharmacy or grocery store under the name interdental brushes or interproximal brushes or proxy brushes.  They come in different widths, to accommodate the size of the gaps between your teeth.  Using these brushes, in addition to brushing and flossing, can be so effective for gum recession. When the gums start to grow back, the wider brushes that once fit between teeth without difficulty might (over time) no longer fit between all your teeth, so for those spots you should switch to a thinner brush.

Put a pinch of Good-Gums in your mouth, as you did when using floss, but this time slide an interdental brush (i.e., interproximal brush) between your teeth at the gum line.

Gently use the bristles to massage the gums between the teeth, while the bristles flick away plaque on the sides of the teeth.

Localized healing

A good way to use Good-Gums is to let it sink into the tissues, folds, and crevices for a longer amount of time than the incidental exposure from the above steps.

Put some Good-Gums into your mouth and let it dissolve.  

Swirl it over any areas of particular concern and hold it there to let the liquid cover the problem area.

Gum tissues do absorb quite readily, so let the Good-Gums stay there for a few minutes.

Manual Massage

For any particularly sore spots, you can use a clean finger to massage the dissolved Good-Gums right over the area of gum tissue that’s inflamed.  Manual massage both increases the blood flow to the area (which brings more immune system cells to the site of the infection), and helps more of the Good-Gums penetrate the tissue.

Supragingival Irrigation

“Supragingival” means “above the gums,” and this means using an oral irrigator with a wand and tube connected to a low-powered water pump (e.g. Hydrofloss or Waterpik) to squirt liquid onto the gum line and between the teeth.  After brushing or flossing, the oral irrigator really helps to flush out any remaining residue and disperses the dissolved Good-Gums into hard to reach crevices.  A supragingival irrigator can be expensive, but if you can afford one, it really is great for reaching areas you can’t get to with brushing and flossing alone.  

If you decide to use one, add just a pinch of Good-Gums powder to the water container and ensure it’s completely dissolved before use, otherwise it may clog up the pump or nozzle.  After each use, flush out the irrigator by running clean water through it.


What conditions does it help with?

Good-Gums is great at tackling a whole range of oral conditions with the power of nature:

  • Receding gums
  • Gum pockets
  • Periodontitis
  • Plaque and tartar
  • Bleeding gums
  • Toxins and chemicals
  • Sore and swollen gums

Why is it better than toothpaste?

Good-Gums takes care of your teeth and gums better than any toothpaste for several important reasons:

Teeth – It thoroughly cleans teeth without harsh abrasion of the enamel, softening tartar with natural, active ingredients, while combating the acid which can harm teeth. And Good-Gums doesn’t contain glycerin (almost all toothpastes do) so it supports your mouth’s natural remineralization process – so important to maintaining the strength of your enamel.

Gums – Only Good-Gum’s unique formula nutrifies your gums with a bacteria-busting blend of herbs and minerals specifically designed to help tackle common gum issues, from mild gum bleeding to enlarged gum pockets and periodontitis. And every time you use it, your gum tissue is bathed in as much vitamin C as a whole orange!

How do I use it?

The simplest way is to put a small amount in the clean, dry palm of your hand, and then to dip a moistened (but not wet) toothbrush into the powder. Use your brush’s bristles to spread the powder along the gum line for upper and lower teeth and for inner and outer surfaces. The powder will dissolve quickly into a thin liquid solution. That’s what you want. Try to avoid swallowing any of the solution until brushing is complete so that the solution will remain in the mouth for sustained contact with the teeth and gums. If using an electric toothbrush, gently guide it at an angle along the gum line; if using a manual brush, gently make about ten to twenty tiny circular brush strokes on each side of each tooth along the gum line.

Can I use Good-Gums as a mouthwash too?

Yes! Good-Gums can act as a powdered concentrate that becomes a potent liquid mouthwash when it dissolves in your mouth’s saliva. As soon as Good-Gums powder dissolves in your mouth, the ingredients activate. Vitamin C (vital for healing) is absorbed by your gum tissue while the other natural ingredients get to work on bad bacteria, nutrifying and cleansing your whole mouth, and supporting your body’s natural healing processes. Good-Gums contains no toxic or artificial ingredients that interfere with natural healing so your gums can soothe, strengthen, and heal themselves naturally!

How much should I use?

For brushing, tap into the dry palm of a clean hand a small mound that would just barely cover a dime (about 1/8-teaspoon); then gently touch the mound with a damp toothbrush to pick up some powder, spread it along all the gum line of one section— top or bottom, left or right, inside or out— prior to brushing. When done brushing one section, pick up more powder from the mound and repeat on another section. For flossing or for interdental cleaning, tap out a spot of powder about the size of a pencil eraser for use on one-fourth of your mouth (e.g., upper-left, lower-left, upper-right or lower-right).

How long does a bottle last?

It depends on how many oral care practices you use with it, and on the amount you use each time. People often get at least a month-and-a-half from a bottle when brushing with it morning and night.

Is continual use necessary?

To get the maximum benefits from using Good-Gums, we recommend that you keep using it and not discontinue it. Gum cells are one of the fastest reproducing cells in the body and each new generation of cells need all the help they can get!

What does it taste like?

The first impression will be that it tastes somewhat salty. Underneath that you may notice complex, subtle flavors that have a green, botanical sensation. Typically Good-Gums® will stimulate significant salivation, which for some people adds richness to the taste.

Why is it a powder instead of a paste?

The pure ingredients in Good-Gums are extracted from parts of plants (such as leaves, bark, fruit pulp, skins and sap) so Good-Gums is produced as a dry powder to help the ingredients retain their full potency longer and stay fresh until it is used – without any need for added preservatives. As soon as the powder effortlessly dissolves in your mouth, the ingredients activate to clean your teeth and are absorbed by your gums.

Does it help with receding gums or bleeding gums?

The feedback we get from our customers suggests that time after time, the continued use of Good Gums can help with receding gums. At this time however, Good-Gums has not yet been submitted for clinical trials.

Does it stop enlarged gum pockets or periodontal disease?

Although we cannot guarantee that Good-Gums will stop periodontal disease (or force a suppression of its symptoms), we believe it is a great asset in supporting your own immune system and supporting your progress toward healthy gums and many of our customers who had these conditions agree!

If I use it, can I stop going to the dentist / periodontist?

We recommend that you continue to see your dentist (and periodontist, if necessary) on a regular basis and follow the advice of these health professionals. Feedback from your dentist / periodontist can also be good indicators of your oral health progress.

Will it remove tartar (dental calculus)?

Brushing and flossing with Good-Gums can remove plaque from which calculus forms; however, once formed, it is often too hard (firmly attached) to be removed with a toothbrush. Calculus buildup can be removed with ultrasonic tools or dental hand instruments. In other words, once tartar is formed, you will probably need to go to the dentist to have it removed. Once removed though, Good-Gums will help prevent it building up again.

Will it whiten my teeth?

Although Good-Gums contains no bleaching agent, many customers have reported that Good Gums appears to whiten their teeth. Baking soda, one of the main ingredients, is known for its ability to whiten teeth.

How long does it take to work?

It depends on the individual and the condition of his/her oral health. Generally speaking, positive results of using Good-Gums are seen more quickly in those customers that have more acute oral health issues, such as bleeding or swollen gums. The more chronic issues that have developed over a long period of time take longer. But in either case, results are generally directly observable.

I’m vegan – can I use Good-Gums?

Not only is Good-Gums 100% vegan, natural and pure, it’s also completely cruelty free too.

Should I use toothpaste in addition to using Good-Gums?

Good Gums contains everything you need for proper oral care including ingredients that help clean and remove plaque from your teeth as well as help bolster your immune system to support good gum health. Therefore, you do not need to use toothpaste in addition to using Good Gums. In fact, most toothpaste contain glycerin that effectively coats your teeth, interfering with remineralizing, and also leaves a film on your gums that prevents them from absorbing the dissolved Good-Gums solution. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you do not use toothpaste in addition to Good-Gums, especially during the 4 hours prior to using Good-Gums.

Why isn’t the powder white, like the color of teeth?

The color of Good-Gums is from the natural coloration of the herbs and minerals. There’s no bleach added to remove those colors which might also remove the beneficial properties of the ingredients. It’s just unadulterated herbs and minerals, as described in the ingredients.

Why can’t I just swallow all of it right away, instead of keeping it in the mouth where it will stay in contact with the teeth and gums?

The cleansing properties of Good-Gums can help clean your teeth and gums only when it is in contact with them, not after you’ve swallowed it. The nutritional-supplementation properties are more concentrated when absorbed directly by the gums rather than by the stomach and intestines, even though all are mucous membranes with absorptive capabilities. Allowing the gums to directly absorb the Good-Gums solution delivers a more concentrated dose where it is most needed, rather than relying on absorption in the gut and dispersal of diluted amounts via the bloodstream throughout the entire body.

Do I still have to floss, even if I brush with Good-Gums?

Cleaning the gum margins at the sides of the teeth (interproximal surfaces where a tooth brush doesn’t reach) is at least as important as cleaning at the front and back of the teeth. Therefore, we should clean all around each tooth, which means using floss or an interdental cleaning brush as well as a toothbrush.

Can’t I use Good-Gums just for brushing, and do my flossing or interdental cleaning without it?

Yes you can, and many people do. But if you start off using Good-Gums® for brushing and you like the results, you might try incorporating Good-Gums into your flossing or interdental cleaning habit to see if you like the results even more.

How about oral care practices other than brushing and flossing? Do I really need to do them also?

How much you’ll want to do will depend largely on the condition of your teeth and gums. If you find yourself in good condition, you may just need to brush and floss correctly in order to maintain that condition. But for many of us, we’ve started becoming more aware of our teeth and gums after many years of haphazard attention. We need to use as many of the practices as necessary for optimal cleanliness and well being.

I’ve been using a whitener, like those whitening strips, on my teeth. Is that OK to use even though I’m using Good-Gums?

Using Good-Gums does not preclude using whitening strips. Obviously they can’t be used at the same time. Not so obvious is that the bleaching solution in the strips tends to irritate the gums, so care should be taken to try to isolate contact only to the teeth enamel, and extra care should be given to the gum tissues that may accidentally get irritated by the strips.

Is it safe for small children?

All of the ingredients in Good-Gums are safe to swallow and we know of children whom are five years old successfully using Good-Gums. We recommend that you check with your pediatrician about the Good-Gums ingredients before giving it to small children.

Can I use it if I have an allergy to one of its ingredients?

In the unlikely instance that you are allergic to one of the ingredients, you can try and desensitize yourself by using Good-Gums only once a week for a few weeks. Then if there is no reaction, you can use it twice a week. You can keep this up until you are able to use it daily. This strategy has been successfully used by one customer that was allergic to peppermint. She is now using it twice a day without incident

Will it interfere with my medication?

We haven’t had any reports of interference with either prescription medications or over-the-counter medications. Some homeopathic remedies recommend not mixing them with peppermint, so those remedies should not be taken within a half-hour of using GG, even what professionals say about 2-in-1 Good-Gums Tooth & gum powder and mouthwash.


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