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Vitamin D3 is a micronutrient that plays a crucial role in bone formation, mood regulation and numerous other bodily functions. PuraTHRIVE® Liposomal D3 is an easily absorbed form that may help to support all around health and prevent symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency.

Key Facts:
  • Vitamin D is a fat-soluble micronutrient involved in a wide range of bodily processes. The vast majority of the population is deficient (some experts suggest up to 90% of people) and there’s evidence to suggest it underlies a wide range of major health challenges.
  • Vitamin D intake is essential for lasting wellness. Maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D may help support all-around health.
  • PuraTHRIVE® Micelle Liposomal D3 is more absorbable than  standard formulations. We pair our vitamin D3 with vitamin K2 for optimal absorption, along with our unique Micelle Liposomal delivery that protects the molecules from breakdown in the digestive tract.
How it works

Everyone has the right to live life to the fullest. That’s why here at PuraTHRIVE®, we’ve carefully crafted a unique Vitamin D supplement for all-around wellness. It’s the perfect companion to your healthy, active lifestyle.

And unlike traditional D3 supplements, we’ve added a highly absorbable form of vitamin K2  – vitamin D’s essential partner that shuttles it from the blood and into the bones, right where you need it!

And it doesn’t stop there:

PuraTHRIVE’s®  Micelle Liposomal delivery method protects the all important D3 and K2 molecules from breakdown in the digestive tract, and helps increase absorption.


Organic D3 Extract

It’s not just for building strong bones. Vitamin D can also support numerous other metabolic processes. We use lanolin derived D3 in a unique Micelle Liposomal formulation to ensure exceptional absorption.

Organic Glycerin Extract

Organic glycerin is a safe and effective extracting agent for producing the highest quality supplements available.

Vitamin K2

Taking K2 with Vitamin D allows calcium to bind with your bones (where it’s needed) and routes calcium away from your heart, kidney, and arteries. We use a patented form of MK-7 with unprecedented bioavailability –  to activate the proteins necessary for maintaining optimal health.


What are the main benefits of PuraTHRIVE® Liposomal D3?

When used in conjunction with vitamin K2, vitamin D can support numerous metabolic processes and overall well being. We use lanolin derived D3 and a patented form of vitamin K2 (patented form of MK-7) .

Who can benefit from PuraTHRIVE® Liposomal D3?

It’s been estimated that up to 90% of the population is deficient in vitamin D. If you: are over 40, live in the northern latitudes, have any digestive issues, suffer from chronic stress, are overweight, or have dark skin – the chances are you could potentially benefit from raising your vitamin D levels.

What is Micelle Liposomal delivery?

PuraTHRIVE’s® Micelle Liposomal delivery encapsulates Vitamin D3 into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into liposomes. These healthy fat cells shield the tiny Vitamin D3 micelles from the hostile environment in the human gut. The micelles are gradually released and the D3 is deposited near the gut lining where it can be fully absorbed.

How do you take it?

Our products can be taken right off the spoon or from the pump. You can blend them in a smoothie, stir them into your juice, apple sauce or yogurt, or use them in non-heated recipes. Do not add them to tea or coffee, as the high temperatures can degrade the liposomes and make the supplements less effective.

What is the recommended dosage?

2ml (or 8 pumps) a day is the recommended dosage

Can you take more than the recommended dosage?

You can certainly experiment with taking more of the products.  You can take up to 6ml per day.

How long does one bottle last?

Each bottle is enough for one person for one month at the recommended dosage.

How often should I take this supplement?

Take 8 pumps (2 milliliters) of PuraTHRIVE® Liposomal D3 daily or as directed. Enjoy straight, drop into a small glass of water or mix into an 8 oz. glass of juice. It can also be added to your favorite smoothie blend.

Where is this supplement made?

PuraTHRIVE’s® D3 formula is crafted inside a cGMP compliant lab in the USA. Our product has been tested and is Prop 65 Compliant, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO.



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