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Perfect Iodine contains what may be the most important element for your thyroid and delivers it in a safe, liquid solution that your body can easily digest. It can be taken internally or used topically as a skin cleanser. Many people also keep iodine in their emergency kit for its various uses in home remedies and survival situations.

The National Institute of Health recommends that adults intake 150 mcg of iodine/day. This natural element plays a key role in hormone production and is necessary for the maintenance of a healthy thyroid.

During hormone production, your thyroid uses up the iodine in your body. It is important to replace the iodine that gets used to avoid thyroid issues. Thyroid issues can impact everything from your metabolism to your immune system to your heart health. Iodine deficiency impacts many people worldwide and can provoke a wide range of health problems if not dealt with.

Caution: Do not use if you are allergic to seafood.

Iodine Is A Powerful Way To Protect Your Skin.

Iodine is also a well known and widely used skin cleanser. People apply it to minor cuts and scrapes and they use it on their hands when away from soap and water. You’ll find it used in home remedies, medical environments and survival applications. It protects your skin and helps skin cells thrive.

Why Perfect Iodine Solution Is Completely Unique?

This first of it’s kind iodine solution finally delivers a safe and easy to absorb source of iodine. Other companies offer iodine tinctures but none of them make a pure aqueous solution like this.

Pure Iodine is a gas that is incredibly hard to stabilize. Many other companies combine iodine molecules with alcohols or plastics to stabilize them, which can be unsafe.

We’ve partnered with a company that, after decades of research, has invented a proprietary process that combines iodine molecules with distilled water. It can easily be absorbed and safely enjoyed. Your body will love it.

Perfect iodine is made with natural ingredients, distilled water and manufactured in a GMP facility in North America.

Iodine Fuels Your Body’s Thyroid.




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