Technology Of FSC – How Does it Work

technology of fsc

Technology Of FSC and How Does It Work?

The Functional State Corrector or Koltsov Plate is a magnetic device composed of five thin plates, superimposed and glued together so as to amplify the effects of each other. Protected by an external box whose color varies according to the series, this plate creates around it a scalar* magnetic field, rich in information favorable to all living forms.

​It is a converter, which permanently transforms electromagnetic wave emissions into positive scalar wave emissions that revitalize and therefore benefit our health.

​Each active element is made of ferro-magnetic resin. Thanks to the ions of iron, it is possible to record specific information on these supports. Each active element contains pieces of magnetic resin (magnets), cut and glued (the North Pole against the North Pole and the South Pole against the South Pole) so that their sides repel each other. This technology is based on the research of Russian scientist Nikolaev. In his works, he proved that the magnets thus bonded produced a scalar field of waves. This device is powered by the energy of the magnetic field of the Earth, which is why it has an unlimited lifetime.

​It is known that each plate is perforated in several places in a particular way, small holes corresponding to the ducts of the waves. The intact surface is reserved for the other elements, essential to the functioning of the FSC. The purpose of this provision is to strengthen the effects of the Koltsov plate. Moreover, this structure stimulates the vortex of energy, which we know from traditional Chinese medicine as Chi (or Prana in Ayurveda). It is this same energy of life which dwells in every living being. This energy that fills us, sets us in motion, this force is present in each of our conscious breaths, harmonizing with the breath of the Universe. We come to the essential function of the FSC, which is to fill all forms of life with vital energy.

​It is important to emphasize that the Functional State Corrector does not block electromagnetic radiation, but modifies the nature of electromagnetic waves by transforming them into scalar waves, i.e. into natural radiation that is beneficial to all living organisms.

​All Koltsov plates structure water and all liquids in general, including the liquids in our body, such as blood, lymph or saliva. That improves the health of all bodies by providing better cell hydration.

​Today, Functional State Corrector has become popular in Russia, Germany, France and Suisse among therapists, geo biologists, osteopaths, reiki or shiatsu practitioners mainly through its functions as an energy structures corrector, which is responsible for the re-harmonization of energy centers and meridians, restoration of the aura, mostly deteriorated by artificial waves as well as energy rebalancing on all levels.

​A scalar wave* is a wave of a longitudinal nature, whether mechanical (sounds) or electric, magnetic, or mental (torsion field of consciousness) that propagates at variable speed, in vortexes, whereas the traditionally known waves of a conventional electromagnetic type, such as visible light or radio waves, are of a transverse nature, and progress at a fixed speed (= C light speed) in sinusoids. For more information please read the article: The history of information medicine.


Prof. Konstantin Meyl, today’s Tesla, is explaining his research in biology. He detected that our whole body works with scalar waves, that the DNA transports information and energy with a magnetic scalar wave, that the nerves transport scalar waves, that the nodes Ranvier detected indicate a standing, longitudinal wave = scalar wave and that bio resonance medicine and homeopathy use scalar waves.