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Magnesium 7 Benefits

  • Helps reduce stress & anxiety levels*
  • Promotes restful & restorative sleep*
  • Supports a healthy heart & strong bones*
  • Enhances nutrient absorption & energy creation*
  • Contributes to healthy cellular & nerve function*
  • It helps maintain muscle mass/power & calms sore muscles*

Achieving optimal levels of Magnesium 7 is a key focus when I work with patients experiencing altered sleep, mood imbalances, seizures, fluid retention, fatigue, muscle weakness/cramping, high blood pressure, constipation, anxiety, and osteoporosis.

This essential mineral plays a significant role in nerve conduction, digestion, protein metabolism, bone and teeth formation, muscle contraction, and overall cardiovascular and neuromuscular health. Magnesium does not come in just one form or type. There are assorted types of magnesium that influence various body systems and can address specific symptoms like mood, mental function, muscle pain, and heart health. Some forms like taurate, malate, and glycinate can cross the blood-brain barrier. The most optimal way to introduce the varying forms is to take full-spectrum magnesium with the best bioavailability.

In my professional opinion, magnesium is one of the most critical electrolyte minerals that we need to optimize daily, and I’m excited to recommend Magnesium 7 because of its high absorption potential and variety to help your body produce cellular energy and maximize the benefits of this crucial element.

Features at a Glance

  • Full-Spectrum: 7 types of magnesium
  • Chelated for maximum bioavailability
  • 250mg of magnesium in every capsule
  • With co-factors for absorption: B6 & manganese
  • No magnesium oxide, chloride, hydroxide, sulfate, or stearate
  • Non-GMO; No fillers, preservatives, or additives

How to Use

Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz of water or juice. If desired, capsules can be opened and the powder added to any food or beverage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this product considered vegan or vegetarian?

Yes, Magnesium 7 contains no animal products and is considered vegetarian and vegan. The capsules are also made from plant cellulose, not gelatin.

Is Magnesium 7 certified organic?

At Organixx, we strive to source the highest-quality ingredients available, including USDA-certified organic whenever possible. For all of our products, each of the individual ingredients that are certified organic are specified on the label. Because magnesium is a mined mineral and not an agricultural product, it falls outside the USDA organic certification program and therefore cannot be certified organic. Even though Magnesium 7 is not USDA certified organic, you can rest assured that the ingredients in this premium magnesium complex were selected for their efficacy and quality. It contains none of the cheap forms of magnesium used in most magnesium products. It is also non-GMO and contains no stearates, fillers, additives, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, yeast, soy, sodium, or starch.

How long is this product intended to be taken for?

Magnesium 7 is a broad-spectrum supplement meant for ongoing, daily use. It can be taken for as long as a magnesium inadequacy/deficiency exists and as recommended by your healthcare provider.

What is the dosage?

For common magnesium inadequacy, our recommended dosage is 2 capsules of Magnesium 7 daily with 8 oz of water or juice. If desired, capsules can be opened and the powder added to any food or beverage. Overall, magnesium is considered safe to take, but large amounts can cause GI upset and diarrhea in some people. Go with your healthcare provider’s recommendation and listen to your body. Some people find it beneficial to start with one capsule (250 mg) and work up to 2 capsules (500 mg). If you are severely magnesium deficient or have other health considerations, your healthcare practitioner may recommend an even higher dose than 2 capsules. Please work with your doctor to determine the optimal dose for you.

Should magnesium be taken separately from medication?

Certain medications can interact with magnesium and become more or less effective. There are also a number of medications that should not be taken within two hours of taking magnesium – including certain antibiotics, statin drugs, antacids, and more. If you are taking any medication or have pre-existing health conditions, it is important to consult with your doctor before taking magnesium supplements.

What is the best time of day to take Magnesium 7?

There is no one best time to take magnesium. The real benefits from magnesium supplementation come from correcting an inadequacy/deficiency, which is not time-dependent. That being said, many people find it beneficial to space out their dosage by taking one capsule in the morning to support energy levels and another before bed to capitalize on magnesium’s ability to boost GABA levels for improved sleep and muscle relaxation. However, if you find it more beneficial to take both capsules in the morning, afternoon, or evening, that is a personal preference. If you are taking any medication or have pre-existing health conditions, consult with your doctor before taking Magnesium 7.

Can I give Magnesium 7 to my child?

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium for children ages 9 and up is 240 mg. One capsule of Magnesium 7 contains 250 mg. However, only give your child Magnesium 7 if recommended by a qualified healthcare practitioner, and keep the product out of reach of children.

Is Magnesium 7 safe to take while pregnant or nursing?

The recommended daily allowance (RDA) of magnesium for pregnant and lactating women varies by age. Please consult with your trusted healthcare professional about taking Magnesium 7 while pregnant or nursing.

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