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Exclusive FSCs with the 5th element are proofreaders that, in terms of their functionality, are not included in any of the series. Exclusive proofreaders surpass the proofreaders of the series: blue , green , lilac , gold in the variety of functions and applications presented (from helping the growth of plants of the Flora and Fauna FSC to disbanding cataclysms on the vast territory of the Anti-Cataclysm FSC).

Application, history, which is written in the FSC “Healing”

Published with permission from Oleg Beduly based on materials from his book “Living Springs”, 2011.

“The Holy Lake is one of the most revered holy places in the Samara region. It is located on the outskirts of the village of Sezzhee, in the outskirts – narrow, meandering. A few years ago it stretched The village was founded in 1787. According to legend, at that time a disinterested and merciful bricklayer Kuzma (Kosma), known in the district for his righteousness and asceticism, was working on the construction of a rural church. the pious life of their fellow countryman helped people to understand, in honor of whom to consecrate the altar of the temple – in honor of the saints without silver, Cosmas and Damian. Archaeological excavations on a high hill by the lake have shown that there were ancient settlements here. On the shore of the lake, according to the stories of old residents of the village, hermit monks lived. And more recently, wooden crosses and censers were found there, but the lake gained fame in 1958, when the Lord showed a miracle to people. The main witness of this miracle, Zoya Yegorovna Gordeeva, died on December 4, 2006, but during her life she tirelessly told:

– At that time I was working as a pig shepherd on a pig farm, which was located on the shore of the lake. It was winter. Water was taken for animals from the lake. I arrived on horseback and had just begun to draw water from the hole, when suddenly the water lit up with an extraordinary light, everything shone. In this radiance, I saw the church, the altar, the Mother of God, Nicholas the Pleasant, angels, archangels. I ran around the hole, screamed, cried. A woman who worked on a neighboring poultry farm wanted to draw water here. She also saw this miracle. On that very night, the inhabitants of the surrounding villages saw a pillar of fire from heaven descend into the lake. ”

What the women said excited the whole neighborhood – people were drawn to the lake. The Lord showed a miracle of healing to many, strengthened someone in their faith. And those women were then summoned to the police several times, forcing them to recant what they saw. Local authorities covered the lake with manure, straw, filled it with diesel fuel, and dispersed people from fire hoses. But the celestial visions on the lake continued, both locals and visitors became eyewitnesses.

There is a known case when a retired military man, and now an icon painter from Samara, witnessed how a large wooden cross rose from the water of the lake. After a while, he went under water. Another mysterious phenomenon has even become a subject of study by Samara scientists. One morning, at sunrise, colorful balls began to fall from the sky onto the lake, shore and lawn. There were a lot of them. The balls floated on the water, moved on the ground, and people tried to catch them, but the balls escaped – so no one was able to catch a single one …

Since 2005, the Cosmo-Damian temple began to be restored in the village. And a tradition arose: the pilgrims who came after the Divine Liturgy on the feast of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God walked from the church in a procession to the lake – about four kilometers. After the prayer service near the holy lake, the priest sprinkled holy water on the pilgrims. Then people rushed into the water. The lake was conventionally divided into male and female halves. After the holiday, letters came to the temple with stories of healings.

The rector of the church of the village of Sezzhe, priest Vladimir Yudakov (now deceased), said: –

Kazan-Bogoroditskoye Lake is indeed a God-chosen place. Every person who has been here feels this. In addition to the described phenomena and many healings, people also notice such features. Firstly, there are never midges, mosquitoes on the lake, although there are many of them on the neighboring lakes. Secondly, the water here is very warm and has great buoyancy. The depth of the lake is very deep. Many divers see an unusual “golden light”. And although the water “blooms” in the second half of summer, it is never green. It is worth pushing the algae apart, and the bottom is visible at great depth. The longer the water is stored in the jar, the more transparent it becomes, even the algae and sediment dissolve. It is stored for decades, has a pleasant taste and smell. Thirdly, there is a lot of fish here, but it is not caught. Fourth, plants have survived and are growing here, which are nowhere to be found in the Samara region. The lake is the subject of study by scientists and biologists.

In 2006, on the high bank of the lake, the construction of a chapel in honor of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God began.

What they ask for. The holy water of the lake heals joints, spinal injuries, relieves nicotine and alcohol addiction, restores vision and especially helps the paralyzed. Once a young teacher, possessed by evil spirits, was brought from the village of Bogatoe. The attempts of several strong men to give her water and bathe in the lake ended in nothing. And only after the moleben was served and the people sang the prayer “Virgin Mary, Rejoice” 40 times, the teacher became limp and drank water. She was redeemed. After that, she became healthy.