FSC “Norm of life-2”


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Collectible FSCs with the 5th element are issued once in a short period of the promotion. Collectible proofreaders have a strictly defined spectrum of action, as a rule, aimed at a specific organ or organ system, which is fundamentally different from CFS of other series: blue , green , lilac , gold and other CFS .

Application of FSC “Life Norm-2”

  • Promotes an increase in blood pressure (BP) in hypotension.
  • Contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels, influences the maintenance of vascular tone and the strength of heart contractions.
  • Promotes the regulation of adrenaline release, reducing nervous and mental overstrain.
  • It helps to eliminate chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, and has a preventive anti-stress effect.
  • Helps restore energy balance, reduce emotional lability (instability).
  • Promotes the normalization and regulation of the production and assimilation of essential vitamins and nutrients in the body, which leads to an increase in vital resources.
  • It helps to stimulate the production of antibodies, thereby helping to prevent viral diseases and maintain immunity.
What is spelled out on the FSC “Life Norm-2”

The channel of Cosmic Theurgy “Maya” – TAKOR in the mode of increasing blood pressure is registered.